The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

If you’re really into the game of Pokemon, either in card form or online, then you likely know a little about certain cards that are banned either because they give one player too much of an advantage or because they’re simply ridiculous cards. Pokemon is a phenomenon that has been around now for long enough that more than one generation has taken to enjoying it and has found ways to make it something so great that it defies the original intentions of it. The game is quite competitive depending on who’s playing and the idea of banning cards might seem silly to those that don’t play,  but for those that take the game kind of seriously such cards are more than a little irritating if they do pop up in a friendly game. In tournaments and online however there are a few cards that just aren’t allowed.

Here are some of them that players absolutely hate to see and won’t be allowed in competition.

5. Slowking

The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

A big part of why this card was banned had to do with the wording when it was reprinted for American users. In Japan the card could be used when Slowking was your active Pokemon. The effect would be that every time an opponent used a trainer card they would have to flip a coin. A failed attempt would mean nothing happened and the Trainer card would go to the top of their deck. The problem was that since it was only to be used as an active card in Japan it should have been the same in the US, but the wording on the card was messed up and it allowed too many people to stack their decks with this card which made it horribly uneven.

4. Hypnotoxic Laser

The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

Since this card was so incredibly rare it was decided that it was simply too powerful to be allowed. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to make these cards or keep making them if they’re not allowed in standard games. This card had the ability to put other Pokemon to sleep if one flipped a coin and had a favorable result. That seems like it might be a huge advantage towards the player wielding the card and as a result it was taken out. As a trump card in a game that takes some actual skill to play it almost seems unfair to take this card out of play, but then if it’s something that a player decided to stock up on it could be very unfair.

3. The Imanuki Cards

The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

These cards have shown up throughout the years and actually have instructions on them that say they’re not to be used in official matches. It seems kind of silly and a way to get someone that worked on the idea a little more attention, but the cards can also have a very interesting quality as they make everyone reveal their hand and turn their deck upside down so that anyone looking can see just what card is going to be pulled next. This card is in a way the ultimate cheat since it gives opponents a chance to guard against whatever’s coming and there won’t be any element of surprise left.

2. Volcanion-Ex

The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

This card wasn’t really the problem all on its own, it was how it was allowed to be used in online tournaments. It has a very powerful attack that deals over one hundred damage which is great for the user. But usually in a game that will mean that the user has to miss their next turn after unleashing it. Unfortunately in the online version a glitch existed that allowed this attack to be used over and over again in consecutive rounds without having to take a break. The glitch was eventually fixed and the card has been allowed to be used again, but it was one of the banned cards at one point and one of the most powerful of the bunch.

1. Lysandre’s Trump Card

The Top Five Banned Pokemon Cards of All-Time

In a way a Pokemon match is almost like D&D in that they can go on and on if you have players that are evenly matched and are attempting to one-up each other continuously. This card however would only increase the length of the game as it would allow a player to shuffle their discard deck back into their draw deck. One of the fundamental rules of the game is that once a card goes to the discard deck it’s no longer able to be played in the current game. It really seems like someone was just trying to stir up trouble by creating this card to be honest since few people would thank their opponent for dragging out a match longer than it needs to go.

Banned cards in Pokemon might seem silly but for the sake of the game a lot of players would probably agree that cards like these don’t need to be included.

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