That Time Robin Williams Helped Martha Stewart Cook on Her Show

That Time Robin Williams Helped Martha Stewart Cook on Her Show

If anyone doesn’t remember there was a time when Robin Williams helped Martha Stewart cook on her show, and it was comedy heaven. Of course just about anywhere that Robin Williams went was bound to have some comedy unless it was meant to be serious. Even then, if he was going to do comedy then it was going to happen no matter what. But giving the man something like steak to rub with spices was an undeniably funny moment since he could have probably done an entire show full of jokes on just that one subject. At one point though you could see that Martha was ready to stop the jokes and just get into the cooking. You can’t blame her for that since in all honesty if she’d have let Robin go on he would have had her in stitches by the end of the show and the steaks would still be marinating.

But that was the gift that Robin Williams had, he could make just about anyone laugh with barely any effort. On a cooking show it was like putting him in a playhouse and telling him to act natural. There’s just so many opportunities there that it was only a matter of seconds before he started cutting up. Martha Stewart isn’t known as a particularly funny woman since she’s been associated with many other things, but putting Williams on this show she had to know that his big personality was going to try to take over the moment he started talking. It was kind of a natural thing for him really since if he was in front of a camera he was going to perform, and people knew it. So in all honesty putting him with Martha Stewart seemed like kind of a mismatch since while she liked to have fun and be engaging with people she wasn’t nearly a match for Robin Williams and his energy.

That however was still a winning match since it didn’t matter where Robin Williams went, he always made something better and had a good time with it. In fact he even went on more serious shows like Law and Order: SVU, and somehow still rocked it on that show. He didn’t do a single ounce of comedy and was still awesome. The man was just so versatile that it didn’t matter what show or movie he was put in, he was bound to be great. The show or the movie he was in could have been horrible, but his part would have still been something worth watching. That’s the kind of actor that only comes around once in a very long, long while. The idea that he ever graced a cooking show is probably unknown a lot of people but it was something fun to watch and to think about once it was all said and done. If nothing else it was an interesting high note in Martha’s show as many people might have said.

Robin William’s just knew how to bring out the lighter side of anything he was in.

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