X-Men vs. MCU’s Avengers: Who Wins?

The Avengers and the X-Men have clashed on more than one occasion over the years, but with the X-Men supposedly on their way to the MCU at this time after Disney acquired Fox, it begs the question of how these two teams would approach each other outside of the comics. Both teams boast quite a few individuals that are impressive in their skills, and this battle would be determined in a manner that would allow various individuals to join the fight for each team, meaning that it could be a free for all since each team has experienced a surge in their numbers and a general decline over the years that have caused their membership to be less than stable. But keeping the fight between the members that have been seen on the big screen would keep the numbers down and would likely give the Avengers an edge since their membership up until Endgame has stayed fairly steady. The vast difference between the comics and the movies would keep this fight a little more grounded since in the comics, each team has split more than once into several other teams and trusted allies that could be considered part of the group. 

Some might claim that this would be too similar to the comics, but the fact is that the MCU has altered the power levels of some characters, and the X-Men movies have changed things a bit here and there as well. This would alter the fight just enough that claiming that it would turn out much as it has in the comics is not entirely accurate. There would be a couple of individuals that might make things difficult when it came to the fight, since the Hulk, Thor, and Professor X feel as though they could swing the fight in a big way given the power they wield. To think that Professor X might be able to control or even shut down several of the Avengers if left alone doesn’t feel like an exaggeration, especially since every Avenger has been seen as susceptible to mind control. One might think that Thor would be safe, but the fact is that the Scarlet Witch managed to get to each one of them, apart from Hawkeye. 

Of course, the Avengers are known for being able to counter the abilities of many villains, and even in the movies, it’s been made clear that they’re not bound to be taken down in such a manner. It’s very possible that Charles Xavier would do a number on the Avengers, as would Jean Grey, but thinking that the two mutants would be able to nullify every advantage the Avengers had is possible, but it’s not likely. Tony Stark is the type of person that might already have safeguards in place to prevent psychic intrusion..maybe. But the Hulk would probably show a great deal of resistance since his rage could be enough to expel Jean and Charles since his bottomless rage would probably help him in a big way. Without their resident telepaths being able to provide a shutout victory, the X-Men would be hard-pressed to stop the Hulk and Thor from blasting through their ranks. 

Colossus is no true match for the Hulk, no matter how strong he is, but seeing Wolverine and Hulk tear away at each other would be an interesting development. A fight between Cyclops and Captain America would be interesting, but it does feel that the two tactically-minded individuals would reach a stalemate more often unless the MCU version of Cap pulled the same tricks that allowed him to beat Spider-Man in Civil War. Watching a younger Storm take on Thor makes it easy to think that the battle-hardened Asgardian might actually laugh before calling upon the power that is similar to Storm’s but far more powerful when all is settled. Iron Man would prove to be troublesome, but it feels as though Magneto, if he were allowed into this fight, would make short work of the Avenger since, well…you don’t attack Magneto with anything made of metal. The X-Men would be hard-pressed by the tactics and abilities of the Avengers, but given that they have individuals that were born with their powers and have total mastery over them, it doesn’t feel that they would drop without a fight. 

Combatants such as Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Winter Soldier would be outmatched when it came to hand-to-hand combat since like it or not, Psylocke, Beast, Nightcrawler, and Mystique would be too much for them. At the end of the fight, it does feel that Thor and the Hulk would be two of the strongest equalizers, but when pit against the telepaths that the X-Men boast, it’s tough to say who would come out on top. The battle itself would be enough to cause a massive amount of collateral damage, but as for a victor, it’s tough to say if there would be a definitive winner in this scuffle. 

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