Wonder Woman Will Still be Part of the DCU

Wonder Woman Will Still be Part of the DCU
Wonder Woman Will Still be Part of the DCU

credit: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman will still be a part of the DCU, as James Gunn has said, but there are changes coming. For one, there’s no word yet on who will portray the younger version of this character. It’s been surmised that Gal Gadot will stick around, but when she’ll come into the DCU is uncertain.

Gunn has debunked the idea that Gadot would be shown the door along with Henry Cavill, and he’s gone on to allude to the idea that Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa will stick around. As for Wonder Woman, there are still a few fans that are lamenting the idea that things are changing. The reveal that James Gunn and Peter Safran have an 8 to 10-year plan for the DCU is already making many fans think of what might happen. 

Unfortunately, the DCEU was on a downward spiral that didn’t appear set to correct itself. Things were only getting more and more confusing as the movies kept rolling along. As of now, the ball is about to get rolling on the DCU, and how people will react is already a point of interest that many are already commenting on. 

Wonder Woman Will Still be Part of the DCU

credit: Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins isn’t sticking around

The woman that brought the current live-action Wonder Woman to life apparently won’t find her way into the DCU. Jenkins has other projects that she’s attempting to work on. But it sounds as though she won’t make the cut. It’s easy to wonder why this is so since she was successful in her attempts to bring this character into the spotlight. 

But there are likely reasons that this is happening that aren’t getting the same attention when it comes to an explanation. There’s an obscure idea that it could have something to do with the 1984 sequel, but that sounds less than likely. Instead, the shake-up that’s coming to the DCU is fueling a lot of changes, and Jenkins is not going to stick around to see them. 

Even Gal Gadot won’t show up initially, but it does sound as though she’ll still have a place. How things are going to progress otherwise is largely unknown at this time, though it does feel as though Gunn will start dropping hints eventually. 

It sounds as though the DCU will explore Wonder Woman’s youth

The last two movies showed plenty of Diana’s youth. But perhaps the DCU will go even further in order to show her earning the power that she’s shown. Who is going to show off that potential is tough to guess right now. 

There are plenty of young actresses that can make the cut. It’s kind of easy to state that people are going to have an issue with plenty of things that Safran and Gunn choose to do. The idea that fans will have something to say is a given. 

How long this idea is going to last and if the DCU is going to see the formation of the Justice League, are questions that fans want to be answered. Right now, it’s simply too soon for any big reveals.

Wonder Woman Will Still be Part of the DCU

credit: Wonder Woman

A lot of fans are wondering what other changes will come

Right now, the upheaval of the DCU is enough to keep a lot of fans on their toes. The loss of Henry Cavill and other matters has sent everything into a tailspin. James Gunn and Peter Safran are of the mind that things are going to even out eventually. But as one can guess, a lot of fans aren’t so certain. 

The DCEU was still viable, according to many fans, despite the state it was in. The loss of Cavill is enough to anger plenty of people. Somehow though, fans refused to see that the DCEU was going down in flames. The fact that Gunn came in to help save the franchise feels as though it’s enduring a great deal of resistance. 

There’s continual good news about the DCU coming from Gunn and Safran. There’s uncertainty on the part of the fans. Overall, it feels as though things are headed toward a big change that is supposed to herald the success of the DCU. But right now, it feels as though everything is up in the air and just waiting to come down. 

Wonder Woman is vital to the DCU

One thing that’s evident is that Wonder Woman will continue to exist as a part of the DCU. She’s been a bedrock character for so long that getting rid of her would be a huge and glaring mistake for anyone to make. As far as how she’ll show up in the DCU, it’s fair to state that fans are going to have to wait. 

Gunn and Safran are going to change a lot of things, but there are plenty of things that won’t change in the days to come. 

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