Will Anyone Ever Learn the Truth About Robin Givens, Mike Tyson, and Brad Pitt?

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Robin Givens is starring in a new Christmas movie with a handful of major celebrities, and she’s excited about the prospect of bringing Christmas joy to television. The movie is called “A New Diva’s Christmas Carol,” and she’s starring alongside the likes of Vivica A. Fox and Ashanti, among others. However fascinating Robin Givens is, though, it’s always her long list of famous exes that really makes people talk. She was one of the biggest stars of the 80s and 90s. She also dated some seriously famous men. Taking a look back, it’s easy to see why her life is such a success. But let’s take a look at her love life.

Did Robin Givens cheat on Mike Tyson with Brad Pitt? Were Robin Givens’s pregnancy and miscarriage all made up so she could get Mike Tyson to marry her without a prenup so she could steal all of his money? Did Mike Tyson really tell the world in a book that he hit his wife at it was the best hit he’s ever thrown? We’re talking about it all right here, and it’s going to be interesting…to say the least.

Robin Givens and Mike Tyson’s Tumultuous Marriage

Perhaps her most famous relationship is the one she had with the famous boxer Mike Tyson. They were married for approximately one year in the late 1980s. They were married on February 8, 1988. She filed for divorce from him in October of the same year. Their marriage was not just a short one, though. It was one that was full of incidents, and there were a lot of stories that floated around about the marriage. Did Robin Givens trick Mike Tyson into marrying her, fake a miscarriage, and then use his money to buy things that she couldn’t afford on her own? Was the reason their marriage didn’t last because he was abusing her?

According to Mike Tyson, his marriage to Robin Givens was a sham. He said in an interview with Barbara Walters in September of 1988 (a month before his wife filed for divorce from him) that he suspects his wife used her pregnancy to get him to marry her quickly. Tyson goes on to allege that her miscarriage in June of 1988 was not real, and neither was her pregnancy. He said she never gained a pound during the pregnancy. The couple did not sign a prenup before marrying. She filed for divorce a month later, sought a restraining order for her own protection, and he sought an annulment. Tyson said she tricked him into getting married, lied, and stole millions of dollars of his money. She filed a defamation lawsuit against her husband. It was a mess.

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Mike Tyson Admitted to Hitting Robin Givens

When an autobiography was published in 1989, Mike Tyson called the time he punched his wife “the best punch I’ve ever thrown in my entire life,” and that did not go over well with his fans. He also joked about it on Oprah in the late 2000s, which caused an uncomfortable situation for everyone. It also prompted Oprah to call Robin Givens with an apology.

Did Mike Tyson Catch His Wife Cheating?

When you put aside the abuse allegations, the financial allegations, and the allegations of faking a pregnancy and miscarriage for financial gain, there is yet another story that brings the world to its knees. For many years, the world heard that Robin Givens was cheating on Mike Tyson. More to the point, it was reported that Mike Tyson came into his own home, walked into his own bedroom, and caught his wife in their marital bed with none other than Brad Pitt. No one ever said anything about the rumors, but they did address them much later.

Mike Tyson claims he caught Brad Pitt in bed with Robin Givens and that Pitt begged him not to hit him. Robin Givens said none of this is true. She said she was with Pitt, but it was in the driveway on her way home from a movie screening. She said it was not in bed, and Tyson never said he’d hit Pitt. Pitt never asked Tyson not to hit him, and that’s all fabricated. She also threw a dig at the fact that this information is published in Tyson’s book, but she never read it.

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At the end of the day, no one will ever know the truth except for the people involved in this situation. However, it seems that Robin Givens has moved on, and she’s living her best life making movies, raising her kids, and being her best self. Tyson is rumored to be making a comeback, and these two are not bothering with one another any longer.

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