Spider-Man’s Bizarre New Superpower: Horse Whisperer?

Spider-Man’s Bizarre New Superpower: Horse Whisperer?

Spider Man Talking Horse Comic

You know things are getting strange in the comic book world when Spider-Man starts channeling his inner Robert Redford and becomes a horse whisperer. Well, not exactly a horse, but a Pegasus named Queen Arctorius, who was ridden by the Valkyries. This bizarre development occurred in a recent comic, and it’s worth taking a closer look at how and why it happened, as well as the implications for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

How Did Spider-Man Gain This New Superpower?

According to Andrew Dyce from ScreenRant, this unusual turn of events took place when Wolverine handed Spider-Man a magical helmet, claiming it would grant him the ability to communicate with Queen Arctorius. Sure enough, once Spidey donned the helmet, he was able to engage in a conversation with the Pegasus, albeit in a very Dr. Dolittle-esque manner, complete with whinnies and neighs.

This peculiar superpower was part of a story arc in which an array of heroes, including Spider-Man, were sent to rescue Thor, who was trapped on Jotunheim. Tucker Chet Marcus of Marvel.com explains that Spider-Man’s newfound ability to communicate with the winged horse was temporary and only lasted while he wore the magical helmet.

Why Did This Happen, and What Does It Mean for Spider-Man?

Comic book panels are known for their fantastical and sometimes nonsensical content, and this instance is no exception. Some fans appreciated the lighthearted nature of the scene, as well as the respect shown towards the fallen after the battle, which extended to the horses as warriors. However, others found the idea of Spider-Man talking to a Pegasus cheesy and overdone.

Talking animals are not unheard of in comics, but they can sometimes come across as corny or out of place. For example, the giant eagles in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies spoke in the cartoons, which was somewhat creepy and off-putting. Thankfully, the live-action movies portrayed the eagles more realistically, with their communication limited to occasional shrieks.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with an intelligent, talking animal in a comic book, the assumption that a character like Spider-Man would be able to converse with them in their language can be a stretch. Magical items that enable such communication can be explained away, but it still doesn’t seem to fit with Spider-Man’s character or established power set.

Is This New Superpower Here to Stay?

Spider-Man already has a well-defined set of powers, and adding a new one, especially one with such a specific and limited application, seems excessive. As Spider-Man’s fandom page points out, this new ability is reminiscent of a Dungeons & Dragons magical item, granting its wearer a power that might only be useful in a handful of situations throughout their life.

The main issue with this new superpower is that it feels somewhat silly and unnecessary, even though the writers clearly wanted to explore its potential. While some fans enjoyed the concept, others rolled their eyes and dismissed it as just another oddity in the ever-evolving world of comic books. Ultimately, it’s unlikely that this power will become a permanent fixture in Spider-Man’s arsenal, but it serves as a reminder that anything is possible in the realm of comics.

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