Who Are the Metal Men of DC?

Who Are the Metal Men of DC?

Who Are the Metal Men of DC?

There isn’t a big desire to throw the term ‘MacGuffin’ around, but in all honesty, this is what the Metal Men of DC kind of are when it comes to their overall creation and use. To balance that out though, they have suffered a defeat here and there and aren’t exactly perfect when it comes to their insertion into the DC universe. They can do just about anything that they need to, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always going to be the go-to heroes that the DC universe needs them to be since apparently they were supposed to replace Batman at one point to become the protectors of Gotham, but that didn’t pan out obviously. Yes, it’s all a matter of how the story is written and how the writers position each character, but in this case, it’s way too easy to think that replacing someone that has been around for so long with heroes that a lot of people don’t know that much about was an idle thought at best, a way to gain interest in the story that, at this time, was obviously something that didn’t really go over as well as it could have. 

With devices known as Responsometer’s, scientist William Magnus managed to create the first true AI by dropping one device in a vat of various metals. The metallic characters are led by Gold, and the rest of the team is composed of Mercury, Lead, Tin, Iron, and Platinum. At one point Copper was a part of the team, but since it does appear that there’s a movie in the works, we’ll have to wait and see what is in store for Copper. Created as individual characters that are part of a closely-knit team, the Metal Men were meant to be a project that would be utilized by the military, but it also appears that they were grown with a conscience and didn’t want to hurt anyone. 

That might sound a little odd, but their mission in life was to take on other chemically-created creatures that were out to cause trouble, and this was their main purpose for a while. As heroes, the Metal Men sound and appear to be quite formidable, but there does appear to be one glaring thing that might serve as a weakness for all of them, and this is that the metals they’re composed of do have their own limitations, meaning that some metals are softer than others and other metals might have notable drawbacks that can be exploited if an enemy is smart enough to take advantage. But in theory, the team is able to bolster one another and prove to be a formidable force that could take down their fair share of villains. It’s interesting to think of what could happen when introducing this bunch to the big screen, or to a streaming service, depending on which way DC chooses to introduce them since once again, it’s very likely that a lot of people don’t know that much about the group and might wonder why DC decided to roll them out ahead of other heroes. It has been mentioned that DC appears to be making a big move toward unloading a great deal of material in the form of several characters, but the Metal Men are the kind of oddities that might be best for TV to start with, just to see if the fans take hold of the idea and want to see more of it. 

The group can come together to form the character known as Alloy, which has all of their abilities and thoughts, making the character kind of like the Megazord from the Power Rangers or something similar, but no doubt formidable as well. One interesting part of these characters is that they can change shape and become just about anything, which would be another big reason for their military implications since beings that could infiltrate virtually any space simply because they could blend into the scenery would be highly valued for a variety of reasons. It would appear that the Metal Men would be great for a movie or a TV show depending on how their story is written and who they might be seen to interact with, but we’ll have to wait and see how things go. 

One has to really wonder how many other heroes and villains are waiting in the wings in the DC universe since the answer is probably quite a few given that DC has only tapped into a small number of them so far and really developed even less. That could mean that there’ a lot yet to come and that the Metal Men will be just another group among many that will eventually be looked at for further development. In a way it’s kind of exciting to think about, but also a little daunting when really taking into account how many more stories are out there. 

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