Five Reasons Why Superheroes are Too Dangerous

Some folks tend to think that superheroes are more of a bother than they’re made out to be, while others have no trouble falling into the hero worship that comes from thinking that those who can handle problems and defeat supervillains that regular human beings can’t handle are awesome. It kind of feels pessimistic to state that heroes are a bit of a problem at times, but the truth is that a lot of heroes have managed to cause a tremendous amount of damage in the comics, on TV, and in the movies, and it’s a good bet that if they were real that the world we know would be a much more dangerous place, if only because the fact is that the damage that heroes cause, and the trouble that appears to gravitate around them most times, would be a less than welcome sight to a lot of people. Trying to keep a positive outlook about heroes if they were real might be a bit difficult after the first epic fight between a hero and a villain.  Here are five reasons why superheroes are dangerous. 

5. They tend to attract trouble. 

Seriously, whether it’s a villain that’s jealous of the power that a superhero has or someone that figures that getting into a fight with a superhero might be fun, a lot of characters in the comics appear to attract trouble without trying. Some are convinced that the heroes don’t deserve the power they have, while others figure that if the characters are protecting something that it might be worth destroying, or stealing. In any case, heroes are often seen to be fighting off one villain or another since trouble appears to follow them around on a constant basis, for one reason or another. 

4. There’s usually massive property damage when they fight. 

Nearly every superhero movie that shows one or more individuals that have the capability of destroying everything around them deals with collateral damage of some sort. Considering that the movie goes on without really ever showing who’s going to be responsible for the cleanup when everything is said and done, this becomes a bit of an issue. When a building is blown to pieces or has chunks taken out of it, one has to wonder who’s going to pay for it and why in the world it’s not mentioned more often. There have been instances when the matter has been brought up, but it’s not exactly common. 

3. People become too dependent on heroes.

This is actually a bigger issue than a lot of people are willing to admit to since the types of villains that are seen in the comics, the TV series, and the movies are those that are beyond the average human being unless one is willing to search for a weakness or an Achilles heel of some sort. But the fact that superheroes are there to save the day is something that some people actually appear to become dependent on, which is kind of an issue. This point is easy to debate, but at the same time, one has to wonder what the world would be like if people depended on one hero or another to tackle the big problems. 

2. Their motives aren’t always that pure. 

One hero that’s been under the gun when it comes to this idea is Iron Man since to be fair, his idea to protect the world with a suit of armor, in his words, isn’t terrible. But the implications that come with the idea aren’t all that great since to protect someone or something usually means forcibly taking them, or it, out of harm’s way. When the natural instinct of most sentient beings is to be free to do what they want and live with the consequences, the decisions that are made by superheroes aren’t always as pure as they might appear to be. Plus, most superheroes are still possessed of their own free will and might think they’re in the right when they’re actually doing everything wrong. 

1. They can’t always be held to the same rules. 

This was made clear in Man of Steel and Captain America: Civil War, since the heroes pretty much did what they wanted, and despite the fact that they believed themselves to be in the right, they still broke quite a few laws and caused a lot of damage. But in the end, they still did what they want since obviously the laws didn’t apply to them, and COULDN’T be applied in some cases considering that the level of power that some heroes operate with tends to make them a little tough to take down. Trying to keep someone like Superman in cuffs is next to impossible while trying to imprison the Avengers is just begging them to find a way out.  In other words, heroes are just as much of a danger to the people they protect as villains are at times. 

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