How Cool Would It Be to See Iron Man Celestial Armor in the MCU?

How Cool Would It Be to See Iron Man Celestial Armor in the MCU?

How Cool Would It Be to See Iron Man Celestial Armor in the MCU?

It’s been debuted in the comics, so why not think about bringing a suit of Iron Man Celestial Armor, aka the God Killer armor, to the MCU? We’ve already seen that the Celestials aren’t bound to be happy that one of their own has been turned to ice, which would mean that when they do return, if it happens at any point in the coming future, that Tony’s contributions to the world might have to be retconned to include a suit of armor that’s conveniently stowed away on Mars and can be called into play in a matter of minutes. But who would pilot it? That’s kind of a sticky issue since getting RDJ back would be expensive, if he ever considered it, and from everything that’s been said and done, it doesn’t feel likely. It doesn’t even sound as though Gywneth Paltrow would really like to come back unless it was for a small part. A lot of actors that have been a part of the MCU either want to come back or they don’t want to be as involved any longer, but there’s always the hope that perhaps Tony’s daughter Morgan would be more like her father than her mother, though it’s fair to say that this might not happen either. 

Seeing Riri Williams make this work as Ironheart might actually be kind of interesting, but seeing as how Tony coded most, if not all, of his suits to himself, it’s very likely that it could happen if the MCU creative team deemed that it should. How cool would it be to see an Iron Man suit duking it out with a Celestial or two? And how awesome would it be to think that this could happen in the MCU? There’s obviously no word yet on whether something like this could or would ever happen, but it’s something to think about, and there are those times when thinking leads to doing. 

In a case like this, however, it could be a while before anything really comes of it, if anyone is listening, to be honest. But given that Iron Man’s various armors have been enjoyed by just about every fan of the MCU, it’s easy to think that busting out something that Tony had squirreled away would be awesome, especially if it happened to be needed at that point and time. A suit of armor the size of a Celestial, and capable of taking on a Celestial if not taking them out, would be a seriously big up for the heroes, and from a cinematic standpoint, it would be all kinds of awesome if it was treated with the amount respect that was needed. The fact that The Eternals move brought Celestials into the mix, as was necessary, creates a big need for the heroes to have their own deterrent against beings that are hard to figure out in the first place but have the kind of power that can so casually destroy a world. The fact that the birth of a Celestial will destroy a world is enough to take in, but accepting that the anger of a Celestial might reduce the world to atoms with a thought is even more dangerous to consider. 

It’s already been established in the comics that Tony was meant for something greater when it came to the Celestials, as the armor that he was granted initially was all but useless since he couldn’t control it. But once he established his own, the game was changed in a way that easy to witness since a suit of armor that could take on the creators and destroyers of worlds would be the type of thing that might anger the Celestials even further, but would almost certainly be the type of suit that would be of great interest in the MCU since it’s fair to think that Stark could have been up to far more than he was letting on in the MCU before his demise. Just imagine a retcon that could bring to life something on this scale, and then think of the battle that it would be used for. The unfortunate part is that much like the Kraken in the remake of Clash of the Titans, it almost feels as though too much time would be needed to set up the armor and, on top of that, it would be over and done with too quickly. 

That might be a shame, to be honest, but it wouldn’t be something that a lot of people might complain about since it’s fair to think that people would still love to see the spectacle of the God Killer Armor taking on a Celestial with someone skilled at the helm. Maybe it could come around sometime after Ironheart, who should, by all means, inherit Tony’s title and legacy, unless his daughter Morgan is going to take on that honor. But it’s fair to say that a lot of people want to see Iron Man’s legacy continue in the MCU. 

inherit Tony’s title and legacy

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