Eight Marvel Characters Who Are Like Spider-Man

Eight Marvel Characters Who Are Like Spider-Man

The Marvel Universe has over 7,000 characters. Most of them are superheroes. As such, there are bound to be a few heroes similar to the iconic Spider-Man character that Stan Lee created. With such a large pool of heroes, it can be challenging to find those with the same abilities or heroic origins as Peter Parker. Here is a list of some of the Marvel characters who are like your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man.

Julia Carpenter

Julia Carpenter got her spidey powers by being part of what she thought was an ‘athletic study.’ It turns out it was an experiment by a secret government organization, The Commission. Unlike Peter Parker, this group used their resources to create their version of Spider-Man using Julia. The serum, a mix of spider venom and plant extracts, was injected into her and gave her spiderman-like abilities. As Spider-Woman, Julia’s powers include spidey senses that let her know when danger is close. Her psionic abilities allow her to crawl on walls and weave psi webs to trap her enemies. In addition, she has superhuman speed and agility to climb walls, and she’s practically a spider.

Jessica Drew

Jessica “Webby” Drew is another Spider-Woman who got her powers through a lab experiment. At a young and living in England, Jessica got sick from uranium exposure. Her father, Jonathan, injected her with blood from rare spiders.  She was put in a cryogenic chamber to stop her from dying. The injection slowed down her aging and allowed the blood to regenerate her cells. When she awoke decades later, Jessica had superhuman strength, endurance, and speed. Like a spider, she can stick to any surface, allowing her to crawl up walls. Aside from her powers, she is a skilled investigator and a pro at hand-to-hand combat.

Anya Corazon/ Spider-Girl

Anya Corazon was just an average teen at Milton Summers High School. Her life changed completely when she was recruited by the secret organization Spider Society. She underwent a mystical ritual that involved tattooing a spider on her back. This event gave her superhuman abilities similar to those of Spider-Man. ‘Spider-Girl,’ is also a master of camouflage and can hide undetected in the shadows. Her spider-powers include abnormal strength, agility, and web crawling. Just like Spider-Man, she can also genetically produce webs from her forearms. Just like other Marvel heroes, Anya was recruited as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D to help them save the world.

Mattie Franklin

She is technically the third Spider-Woman, according to the Marvel Comic Universe. Mattie took part in a mystical ritual that gave her superhuman abilities like strength and flight. She even pretended to be Spider-Man for a while because of her powers. However, after an encounter with evil Charlotte Witter, she got Jessica Drew’s and Julia Carpenter’s spider abilities. Mattie, unlike Spiderman, has four psychic spider legs that grow out of her back. Her spider legs release psychic blasts against the enemy’s mind and fire spider webs from the tips.

Agent Anti-Venom

Anti-Venom, better known as Eugene Thompson, used to be Peter Parker’s classmate back when they were in high school. After he went off to the Iraq war, Eugene lost his legs in battle. The U.S. government then recruited him to a secret project called Rebirth 2.0. Here, Eugene was bonded to a Venom symbiote and was able to get Spiderman-like abilities. Using his regenerative abilities, Eugene was immediately able to regrow his lost limbs. With the Venom symbiote, he could crawl on and stick to buildings like Spider-Man. Agent Venom also has superhuman strength, spider-sense, and web generation to trap enemies.

Arachnophilia/ Nell Ruggles

Nell Ruggles grew up as a troubled girl in Nebraska. After getting strange powers from an alien device, she developed red-like skin. With the new skin came spider-like abilities, including superhuman strength and agility to leap buildings. Her body can also withstand brutal hits that would kill an ordinary human being. Her other ability is web generation, similar to that of Spiderman. Nell can generate mucus-like strands that look yellowish to form a web. S.H.I.E.L.D captured her after she pursued people she had a grudge with. She is considered an anti-hero since she helped S.H.I.E.L.D solve a few cases.

Silk/Cindy Moon

Unlike other spider-powered heroes on our list, Cindy was bitten on her ankle by the same radioactive spider that got Peter Parker. After developing her spider-powers, Cindy had to hide out in a bunker from the villain, Morlun. Spider-Man later releases her after almost ten years in the bunker. They end up in a thrilling yet complicated romantic relationship. Her abilities include advanced spider-sense, strength, wall-crawling, and speed. Her body is not only agile but resistant to injury. Cindy can also sling organic webs from her fingertips to trap criminals. She also uses her web to form her spider suit after she gets out of the bunker. In the comics, Silk ends up joining several teams like S.H.I.E.L.D and Order of the Web.

Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

Miguel is a futuristic version of Spider-Man from the year 2099. He is a researcher and geneticist at Alchemax who performs a dangerous experiment to rid his body of a deadly drug. His D.N.A. is altered using spider D.N.A. during this process, which gives him powerful Spider-Man abilities. His powers include super-strength, speed, stamina, and endurance. Miguel also has fangs and talons that release venom, which paralyzes his enemies. Like Spider-Man, Miguel can shoot webs from the back of his wrists. He also possesses enhanced vision day and night. In the future, he also goes up against another version of Venom, just like Peter Parker did.iconic Spider-Man character

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