Why The Bad Batch Should be Given a Live-Action Movie

Why The Bad Batch Should be Given a Live-Action Movie

Why The Bad Batch Should be Given a Live-Action Movie

A bit of good news when talking about The Bad Batch is that it’s been announced that the show will be returning to Disney+ eventually, which means more adventures for the group and the possibility of moving forward in a manner that will hopefully see the bunch reunited with their wayward member, Crosshair. But after watching the first season it feels easy to say that a live-action version of this show might go over very well with fans so long as it provided new adventures and perhaps a few key moments that could serve as callbacks to the first season. Clone Force 99 felt like it could have suffered a serious misstep at some point had it not stuck to its own story and allowed other elements of the franchise to slip in from time to time, but overall it was enjoyable since it introduced new characters and even utilized a few recognizable individuals that made the story even more exciting. The fact that it followed the dread Order 66 it started when the order was given, was even better since it showed the group’s struggle with the order initially and as the show continued forward. 

Thus far from season one, it’s been seen that the group did lose one of their members, Crosshair, as his strict adherence to the orders given to all clones set him apart from the others and created a schism between him and the rest of the group that wasn’t about to be healed in a single season. The chip that was inserted in every clone was outed as the reason why the clones turned so easily, and among the group, Crosshair was the only one that remained loyal to the new Empire, but it’s fair to say that by the end of the season it might have happened that he’s having second thoughts. 

With a season two coming up it does feel as though another direction for The Bad Batch would be fun to see since watching the group take on live-action adventures that might take them to several recognizable locations that would give the fans another thrill that could keep Star Wars moving in yet another direction. There’s a good chance that the Bad Batch could be another story that would offer another look into the corners of the galaxy that haven’t been given a serious look yet. As bounty hunters, or as adventurers, they could be a group that might shine a bigger light on the underworld, or on another aspect of life that would be appreciated as it would bring up another look at a franchise that some might think is growing stale, while others believe that it just needs an injection of this or that to make it pop again. The Bad Batch is more or less a story that feels like the type that would draw in a slightly different crowd that’s not so strongly attached to the Jedi, kind of like Rogue One and the upcoming Andor series. In a way, it’s great because it detaches just enough to be its own thing, while at the same time it’s capable of slipping right back into what’s been expected by many when it comes to this franchise. 

In fact, it might be a positive thing for the Bad Batch to interact with the Jedi a little more at some point since they did have a history with the order as part of the clone army, and it would be kind of a nice callback to see since the truth is that the franchise is always going to be about the Jedi and the Sith in some way, shape, or form. But the Bad Batch as a live-action series, or perhaps even a movie, would be interesting since it would be intriguing to see how those in charge, whoever they might be, would spin this story, and who they might end up getting to star for each role. The cast would definitely need to be someone slightly younger than Temuera Morrison, as he’s starting to get up in years, and de-aging software isn’t quite as helpful as a lot of people tend to think it is. But with this particular project, it would need to happen that the troopers would need to be rough copies of Temuera but also substantially younger. 

Anticipating what’s going to happen in the next season of The Bad Batch is already exciting since the first season was a thrill ride from front to back, and seeing the guys and Omega return will be all kinds of exciting. It’s even hopeful that they might interact with other famous names from the franchise since Fennec Shand and Cad Bane were great additions to the story. But until it happens, the thought of a live-action series or movie will still be something that will stand out as something to add to the wish list. 

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