Is There a New Threat Coming to Star Wars?

Is There a New Threat Coming to Star Wars?

Is There a New Threat Coming to Star Wars?

It was bound to happen that a new threat would be needed to continue the Star Wars franchise, and since the extremely fickle fanbase has grown tired of the Jedi/Sith dealings it would appear that the Grysk will be the threat that people are waiting to see. The funny thing is that they operate in the Unknown Regions, they’ve been infiltrating the Star Wars galaxy for quite some time, and shock of shocks, they can do a great deal of damage with only a few of their people. That sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? To those that have read the Legends canon, it might sound somewhat similar to the Yuuzhan Vong, but without the bio-tech that the Vong loved to employ to great effect. On top of that, the image of the Grysk looks fairly similar to the Vong, if one takes away the body enhancements and ritual scarring. Bravo Disney, you’ve cherry-picked another Legends idea and retconned it into an ‘original’ piece once again. If this is the new threat to the universe then it’s fair to say that it has the potential to be just as divisive as anything else. 

In the effort to be fair about this, it might be kind of interesting to see what might happen since it’s not too hard to think that the Mouse House might try to bring Thrawn back into the mix if they can. There’s also the possibility of seeing the Jedi and their efforts when it comes to dealing with the Grysk. There’s no telling if Rey is actually the last, or if there are still Force-users out in the universe that might be willing to reform the Jedi and see what might happen. There are plenty of other ideas that Disney could pull from the Legends canon, but it feels as though Disney might back itself into a corner after a while, especially if this kind of an attempt, assuming that the Grysk are coming, is what it’s relying on to carry it into the future

There’s been a lot of cynicism toward Disney when it comes to the efforts that have been made with Star Wars, and outright hatred, but the general feeling is that there have been good ideas, great ideas, and then there have been ideas that make little to no sense to anyone. Coming up with a new threat to the Star Wars universe shouldn’t be that tough of a process, since even without the Legends canon there are a great number of threats that could be used in ways that might be effective and yes, be unrelated to the dark side of the Force. That appears to be one of the elements that people are getting tired of apparently since many have started to make it known that there is more to the universe than the Jedi and the Sith. Such a point is accurate and definitely worth noting, but like it or not, the Force is a part of this universe, and there are a lot of different species that can tap into it. The next big enemy doesn’t have to be a part of the Force, but there was an enemy ready to be used that existed outside of it, to be honest, and Disney saw a chance to grab at it in a way that they might have believed people wouldn’t recognize. 

It’s already possible to hear the denial that the Grysk will have anything to do with Legends in any way, but as of now it’s a bone that’s not worth gnawing on any further since imagining the fate of the Star Wars universe as it tries to move on from episode 9 is a little more important. Right now there’s no telling if Daisy Ridley would want to come back as Rey, and there’s no telling if anyone would want to come back to the franchise. However a person wants to spin it, the sequel trilogy is, for better or worse, a poor way to end things. Many fans are going to want to see Star Wars revived, possibly redone, and even rebooted. But barring that, people are going to want a good story that will bring back the same love that many still have for the original trilogy. 

The one guarantee that anyone can give concerning Star Wars at the moment is that fans want to see it continue, especially since the franchise has been around for too long to see it end now. But moving forward it is going to be necessary to either come up with something new or use something that’s been there and primed to use for a while. Whatever direction Disney decides to go in is bound to make some people happy, and disappoint others. All we can do is hope for the best and try to keep faith in the franchise. 

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