Whatever Happened to Dan Schneider?

Whatever Happened to Dan Schneider?

Dan Schneider might be someone that’s recognized by those that watch a lot of Nickelodeon or those that remember him from Better Off Dead as Ricky since really he hasn’t done much of note despite staying busy throughout the years. If anything he’s been writing and sticking to minor roles here and there in his career and hasn’t really become much of a breakout star since he entered show business in the 80s. Out of the many individuals that found fame and success decades ago Dan is one of them that did manage to find his way into a stable career but didn’t really find any huge success on camera. It would seem that his talents lay more in writing and operating behind the scenes than in actually getting in front of the camera. That being said he has been nominated for a handful of awards but has only won one in his many years. He has been a pretty big success when it comes to being a producer since he’s been one of Nickelodeon’s top guys, which made it odd that they would let him go so abruptly, but still it’s enough to say that a lot of people wouldn’t know as much about his success since it’s not something that’s been so widespread as to be broadcast in all directions. As to what he’s doing now it does appear that he’s working on a Henry Danger movie that will be based around the series he created and which was given a fifth season at Nickelodeon, even though they’ve parted ways with Dan as of 2018.

The allegations he was facing of being creepy and having a serious issue with his temper would appear to be one big reason why he was let go, but others would blame a change in management while also stating that there were no outward problems and that he was the victim of false rumors. It’s enough to make a person wish that people in show business could just learn to get along and not spread nasty rumors about each other over every little thing, but that’s likely to happen when the sun starts rising in the west and setting in the east. Dan was reported by several people to have a bit of a temper and to act out in ways that made people uncomfortable. It’s even been claimed, though as of now there’s not as much proof as people might want to really say with any certainty that he is the kind of guy that should be avoided at all costs. But there are red flags that many people will point out here and there that led some to believe that he was being inappropriate around his female stars and was something of a pedophile. That’s a harsh claim obviously and there’s no solid evidence of it but the idea that he had a foot fetish was enough to unnerve a lot of people despite disparaging views that went back and forth between those that sought to defend him and those that were attempting to vilify him. In other words it’s another huge Hollywood mess that likely could have been avoided had someone done their research and really looked into the matter rather than just making knee-jerk assumptions based on something that upset them. After looking at several videos and reading several articles it’s kind of hard to say either way just what Dan might have been guilty of and what was made up, but his departure from Nickelodeon was certainly abrupt enough to raise a few eyebrows. Harry Shukman from Babe has more to say on the matter.

For all intents and purposes he’s still working and still steering his writing and producing career in the direction he wants, but without Nickelodeon backing him there’s obviously a need to keep himself busy in order to find something to pay the bills and keep himself on an even keel. The $7 million he was given by Nickelodeon upon his departure wouldn’t be able to last quite that long given that he’s likely to be doing everything he can to stay relevant. The rumors are still kicking around about his supposed foot fetish and the possibility that Nickelodeon kicked him out over the ‘creepy’ tweets concerning feet that he posted and then deleted a while back, but a lot of this still appears to be driven by a rumor and gossip more than evidence and any certainty that he is in fact a rather strange and possibly temperamental person. Without knowing the man there’s really no way to say for certain just what he’s like and if any of the rumors are well-founded, but at this point his split from Nickelodeon and the rumors that have been spread about him are what Dan is going to be known for apart from being one of the best writers that Nickelodeon had for the past few decades. Then again, there’s always the idea of being known as Ricky too.

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