10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Russo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Russo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Russo

When someone appears on TV and claims to have psychic abilities, most people’s initial reaction is to be skeptical. If you’re old enough to remember the Miss Cleo scandal, you understand why. However, when medium Kim Russo began her career as a TV medium, she revealed another side of the professional paranormal world. Over the years, Kim Russo has collaborated with multiple cable networks, including A&E and The Biography Channel. From 2012 to 2016, she was the host of Lifetime’s The Haunting Of… But there’s much more to Russo and her abilities than what viewers have seen on TV. Read on for 10 facts you didn’t know about Kim Russo.

1. She Considers Herself To Be A Skeptic

Ironic as it may be, Kim Russo considers herself a skeptic who likes to have proof of things before believing them. It was her own skepticism that ultimately led her to become certified by The Forever Family Foundation in 2005, followed by certification from The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential in 2011.

2. Her Abilities Grew After Her 3rd Child

Kim Russo is a mother of three. During her childbearing years, she says that she didn’t have “random visions” and was able to live a “normal life. Things changed, however, after her third child was born. She described the change by saying, “It was like someone turned on a water faucet, and the spirit world came to me as if to say, ‘Okay, you had to have your children and that’s what you signed up for, but now you also signed on to be one of our voices.’ They came to me and showed me that this was my path.”

3. She Can Turn Off Her Connection With The Spiritual World

Being in a position where the spirit world has constant access to you can be quite exhausting. Over the years, Kim Russo has had to learn how to set boundaries so that she isn’t constantly being inundated with messages. If a spirit does try to contact her during her personal time, she says she will honor the message because she understands the amount of energy it takes for a spirit to get her attention.

4. She Saw Spirits In Her Bedroom As A Child

Kim’s ability to communicate with the other side isn’t anything new. As a child, she frequently encountered spirits in her bedroom. In an interview, Kim specifically recalled a childhood memory in which she was making her bed and saw the spirit of a girl with a burned face. The girl said she had died in a fire and asked Kim to contact her parents.

5. She Is Self Taught

As you can probably guess, there aren’t many options available for people who are looking to be formally trained in what Kim Russo does. Consequently, much of what she knows is self-taught. Over the years, Kim has developed the ability to interpret various signs and decipher obscure messages.

6. Her Aunt Is A Healer

Having supernatural abilities may be something that runs in Kim Russo’s family. Although she appears to be the only one in the family who has the ability to communicate with spirits, she has an aunt who also has a special gift. Kim Russo shared, “My father’s sister, who lived out of the country my whole life, has a gift, but it’s not the same one I have. We’ve always been aware of her, and when she would come to America, anyone who was ill or not feeling well, she would do some prayer and she has the gift. She’s still alive and has the gift of healing.”

7. She’s Channeled Celebrities

A few years ago, the legendary entertainer, Wayne Newton, asked Kim to channel his long-time friend, Elvis Presley, who had passed away in 1977. Even Kim was shocked when she was able to successfully channel The King. She says that Elvis revealed himself by repeating a private conversation between him and Newton. However, she added, randomly channeling celebrities is nearly impossible.

8. She Interned For A Year

If you were to think of an internship, you’d probably envision someone sitting at a computer all day and working on the tasks that no employee wants to take on. Kim Russo’s internship experience, however, was quite different. She devoted a year to honing her skills through free readings.

9. She Teaches Classes

If anyone out there believes they have a psychic gift and would like to learn how to use it, you may be in luck. Kim Russo offers in-person classes and may one day extend her teachings to online offerings. She conducts interviews with potential students to gain a better understanding of why they wish to be part of the class.

10. She Was Nervous About Doing The Haunting Of…

Presented with the opportunity to have a TV show, most people would easily say yes. Yet, Kim Russo was a little hesitant when she was offered to host The Haunting Of…. She wanted to create a show that focused on “happy vibes” and wasn’t sure if visiting haunted places would fit the bill. But, after listening to her spirit guides, Kim decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

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