Why Kitty Forman was the Best Character on That ’70s Show

Why Kitty Forman was the Best Character on That ’70s Show

Why Kitty Forman was the Best Character on That ’70s Show

Any choice for the best character on That 70’s Show was bound to be kind of a tough one since the truth is that a lot of the characters do have their positive sides but they also have very big downsides that keep them from being the best they could be. Red Forman definitely wasn’t bound to be nominated as the best character since despite the fact that he’s a fan favorite of many people (it’s true) he’s still just gruff enough for people to think that he might be stuck somewhere in the middle. Kitty is the type of character that’s not perfect but is still far better than many of the other characters, and not because she tends to drown her issues in alcohol every now and then. Some folks would call that toxic and, well, it kind of is, but it managed to get Kitty through a few moments in her life, and as anyone that watched the show can remember, she wasn’t a raging alcoholic, at least as far as anyone could tell. She did do her best to keep her family from imploding and killing one another, and she was likely the most level-headed mother on the show.

Apart from that, she was also a fun and witty character that a lot of people might not have thought would be so adept at keeping up with everyone at first. Parents in sitcoms like this often tend to be clueless or tyrannical in a lot of ways, but Kitty was the type of mom that was usually quite calm until her kids ended up doing something that was more than a little foolish, and even then an outburst wasn’t always the first response. Instead, she was often of the mind to come up with a witty remark that would serve far better than an emotional moment, and it was often seen that she wouldn’t chide her kids so much as she might offer a sarcastic comment that might shut them up for a moment.

The teenagers on this show were often testing the adults in one way or another and were definitely of the mind that they were smarter than the adults. This happens rather often between generations since the kids will end up thinking that they’re smarter than the parents and in some cases will try to prove it, while the parents will relish the idea of getting one over on their kids. Then again, there are plenty of moments, especially in this show, when the parents are simply amazed that their kids think that they can pull a fast one on them, since despite how smart Eric Forman might be, he’s still not quite as witty or as experienced in life as Kitty is, and it shows when she can stump him now and then. At the same time, she didn’t appear to really want to involve herself that often even if she had to. Kitty was that parent that could drum up a response and a perfect attitude for just about any situation. She wasn’t perfect by any means, since like many of the parents on the show she had her limits. But she was still the best on the show since she knew how to keep from being overwhelmed more often than not, and helpful or indifferent as she needed to be.

Indifference was a big part of this show to be fair since it was what managed to get people through their day more often than not. That 70s Show was a look into an era that a lot of people still remember through a very stereotypical and satirical lens that allowed Kitty and the rest of them to appear realistic in some situations, but kind of goofy and cartoonish in others. This was one of the reasons why the show was so funny for a while, but obviously, things changed over the course of several seasons, and by the end of the show, when things were at their most ridiculous, Kitty was still great. She’s one of the characters that actually didn’t change so much that she became ineffectual or otherwise boring. Kitty was just Kitty, and she was a lot of fun from start to end. It’s easy to think that a lot of people didn’t know how to take Kitty when the show started up, but over the course of the show, she became one of the best sitcom mothers of all time.

Picking the best character for this show was a little tough, especially since every person on this show had a seriously messed up personality trait or two, or more, that could easily kick them out of this designation. But after taking a good look at multiple characters, Kitty was undoubtedly the best out of the bunch.

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