Why is the World Talking About Britney Spears’ New Hair?

Why is the World Talking About Britney Spears’ New Hair?
Why is the World Talking About Britney Spears’ New Hair?

Credit: @britneyspears

The last time Britney Spears’ new haircut made headlines were in 2007, but here she is in 2022, making headlines for her new hair again. Don’t worry, though. This time, she didn’t shave her head in the middle of a paparazzi-filled salon with a razor, and what appeared to be a mental breakdown occurred. She’s not cutting her hair in a 2007-manner again. She did what so many women do after their wedding. She changed it up, rocking a new cut, and it’s a post-wedding rite of passage for many.

Why Do Women Cut Their Hair After Their Wedding?

When it comes to Britney Spears’ new hair, it’s not a big deal. She did the same old thing that many women do. Her hair was cut following her wedding to her husband, Sam Asghari. Many women choose to grow their hair longer in preparation for their wedding. Brides often want a chic updo that’s much easier to accomplish when they have longer hair. They want long curls, waves, or something romantic and elegant, and that’s a look many want to focus on with longer hair. However, it’s also a thing for women to head to the salon in the days following their weddings to cut it all off and go for something sleeker and lighter. Perhaps it’s their new Mrs. Do.

What Does Britney Spears’ New Hair Look Like?

It was a good day when Britney Spears married her longtime love in 2022. She was able to financially control her wedding as well as make the decision to get married without asking her father’s permission. She’s living her best life now that her father’s conservatorship over her life for more than a decade is over, and she chose to get married. She and her longtime love wed at her California home. Unfortunately, the day was nearly marred by the appearance of her first ex-husband – Jason Alexander. He attempted to break into her home and crash her wedding. He served jail time following this incident. If you forgot who he is, he’s the man Britney grew up with in Louisiana and was married for 55 hours following a questionable night in Las Vegas.

The rest of the day was lovely. She did not invite her mother or sister. She only invited around 60 guests, and each guest was a close friend of the couple. They were married in an exquisite and low-key affair, and she looked radiant. Additionally, she had long hair. Following the wedding, however, she had her hair cut to her shoulders. It’s still long enough to have fun with, but it’s elegant and chic. It looks great.

Why is the World Talking About Britney Spears’ New Hair?

Credit: @britneyspears

Britney Spears’ New Hair in 2007

Back in 2007, Britney’s life was not going well. She famously walked into a Los Angeles salon and took a razor to her head while the press photographed her from the streets outside. The world was shocked when those photos surfaced, and everyone was convinced she was not all right. The world thought she did this in an angry mood – a fit of rage, the press called it. Everyone thought it was a defiant act, and she took it upon herself to shave her head. They assumed she was working on getting rid of the sexy image the world gave her, that she was doing something that no one would understand, and that she was doing it out of anger.

However, a 2012 article posted by the New York Post says otherwise. The article alleges Spears shaved her head in 2007 so no one could drug test her. Sam Lutfi was Spears’ manager then, and his attorney, Joseph Schleimer, told a court of law that the young pop star shaved her head so the court could not order a drug test. He claims she did this so a judge could not tell she was using meth regularly and losing her kids. He said she was afraid her meth use would be figured out and her kids would be given to her ex, and she didn’t want it. The attorney also accused her of using pills and other drugs. Spears did not comment.

Why is the World Talking About Britney Spears’ New Hair?

Credit: @britneyspears

Whatever happened in the past, it’s staying there. Britney Spears’ new hair is not a drug-induced cut. It’s not a rage-filled fit of unhappiness. It’s not a shocking shave. Instead, it’s a darling cut that lightens her up, makes her more youthful, and is likely much easier to manage. She looks lovely, and that is all that matters.

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