Why is Lara Barely on Billions Anymore?

To say that things have been tumultuous in the Axelrod household might be putting it just a tad bit softly since in the third season things seemed to be crumbling down around Bobby’s ears and while Lara was around her presence was already starting to be questioned since she wasn’t right there when people expected her to be. But in terms of the show she was there, though her absence was kind of telling. There were moments during the show when it seemed that she was right where was needed, but then it would seem as though she would disappear for a time. There is a very concrete reason for this, and it’s because Malin Akerman has found another project to work on while she still participates on Millions.

The show, Prism, is scheduled to air a pilot for NBC and is using her as a lead, so it’s an opportunity that she can’t possibly pass up on to be the wife on the sidelines that Bobby needs every so often. Plus, if you’ve been watching the show then you’ve seen just how cold and steely she’s been for a while since she so much as said that if Bobby went away that she would take the kids and move to California. That’s not the idle boast of a scared or terrified woman, it’s the statement of someone that knows that she’ll do just as she says and isn’t going to dither about the details. So at this moment it seems that people are going to have to wait to see Lara again when it comes to the show, but at the very least she will be back eventually and it’s likely that she might come back at the turn of the tide or the downfall of her husband, we’ll have to wait and see. The kind of ominous things that have been going on as of late seem to indicate that something big is coming, something big enough that it might make the first three seasons look kind of tame by comparison.

When you get called up to take lead on a show however you don’t balk if you’re an actor, you simply go. That seems to be an unspoken rule that a lot of people would cling to no matter that they have a show that they’re currently on and happen to care about. The Billions cast has been supportive at this point and has done what they can to wish her well and hopefully, fingers crossed, Prism will be a big hit and will carry Akerman onward to her own level of fame as Billions has done for the rest of the cast, including her. But giving up on a show that offers a lead position would be the height of foolishness since those chances don’t seem to come around all that often. When they do it’s best to grasp the ring and keep moving on. As of now though the fact that Lara has been confirmed to show up on Billions once again is enough for many people, but again we’ll have to wait for a while until that moment comes along. Chances are that when she does come back it’s going to be for a short period of time depending on how the pilot does, as up until that moment it won’t really be known what’s going to happen or who’s going to still be around when the stuff starts to hit the fan again.

This dance has been going on for a couple of seasons now if you’ll recall and Bobby has been wearing down at the edges gradually as the show has gone on, losing all of his soft edges as he’s been forced to fight again and again for his company. The fact that his own protege decided to hamstring him is enough to think that Bobby might be a little irate at the moment and ready to unleash some serious hurt on anyone that stands in his way. Unfortunately Lara isn’t going to be there to brainstorm with him the entire time, but you can imagine that the writers will find a way to make sure that he’s still at the top of his game, or will start to bury him in a way that might make it hard to believe that he might come back from it. The fun thing about being a writer is knowing that there’s an inevitability to everything that’s created, but only so long as there’s no other way to go but down. At this point Bobby might still have a few options left to him, but they’re not exactly the best options in the world. Still, when you have nothing left you start grasping for anything you can.

Lara will be back, but until then let’s wish Malin luck on her new pilot.

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