Why Everyone’s Talking about The Doom Patrol Season 3 Trailer

For those that are lovers of the unknown and arcane and out of control in the comic book world, this is the kind of season that you’ve likely been waiting for since it would appear that the Doom Patrol is rolling out some truly next-level stuff for people that have been following them for so long. Even trying to get into what’s really going on is going to be tough for anyone that doesn’t have a solid history of the show and the actual group and to be honest, trying to figure out what’s going on after watching the trailer a few times is kind of difficult. This is when watching the show dutifully comes into play since it gives a person a better chance at deciphering which parts mean what and who in the world is making this all happen since there’s a great deal of existential crisis going on while at the same time it would appear that one realm or another could be in very serious danger. In short, if you know what’s going on in the trailer then you might have a chance to enjoy it, and you’ve likely been keeping up for a while now so you’re in the clear.

Those that are still watching this with a confused look on their face might be wondering how the show went from a real-world setting to a sudden and nightmarish scope that quickly, but the truth is that the Doom Patrol started off as kind of a nutty look at a new group that was formed under less than satisfactory conditions, and it hasn’t exactly been improving that much so much as it’s been keeping itself sustained by being a bit crazy and out there. To be fair, that’s probably why it’s still around since it is a fairly crazy show and it’s a superhero program on top of it, which means there’s a lot of factors working in its favor.

It doesn’t need to be said that this next season will be kicking things up a few dozen notches but it’s going to be said anyway since it’s one way to let people try to understand the chaotic mess that this trailer represents in a manner that’s easier to absorb. The Doom Patrol has been kind of an off-kilter program since it started, so getting crazier with each season isn’t an impediment since it plays to the strengths and even bolsters the weaknesses of the show. Some might look at this trailer and think that they’re done because it’s getting too crazy, that the fabric of the show is falling apart, but the truth is that it’s bound to get a lot more interesting if one keeps diving in. To be certain though, one really needs to have been watching this show for a while before getting to this season since otherwise yes, you are going to be pretty confused. It’s possible that many people would recognize characters that they’ve seen before and even pick up on what’s happening and who’s supposed to be the good guys and the bad guys. But without knowing what came before and why it’s very possible that even those that have any knowledge of the Doom Patrol might be lost.

In this manner the show is kind of frustrating since it operates on the premise that everyone has seen every episode of the past two seasons, meaning that it’s a little pretentious, but rightfully so since being able to walk into the third season with no knowledge of what has already happened shouldn’t be possible. This would make the show feel way too simple and not nuanced enough for the discriminating and dedicated viewers that have been following the story since season 1 and possibly before that. It’s fun to make things fair for everyone at times, but in this case, it’s better to keep the story as it is, which means highly confusing to anyone just walking in, but not so convoluted that they can’t figure it out on their own after a while. Shows that become too complicated don’t always last as long since if even the dedicated viewers can’t follow things as easily as they’d like it tends to cause a lot of people to lose interest.

That’s not likely to be the case here since so far the Doom Patrol has been pushing forward steadily, keeping its story strong as it’s continued to deliver the kind of entertainment that’s definitely strange and sometimes a bit awkward and off-putting, but is still catering to the fans that have come to enjoy it. So to be fair, getting through the trailer isn’t as easy for some as it might be for fans, but the whole point of it appears to be the eye-popping visuals that are presented from start to finish.

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