Why You Should be Watching DC’s “Doom Patrol”

Quite honestly the DCEU has been needing these type of shows for a while now as the bigger heroes have been gaining so much press that trying to focus on those that are still powerful but not in the same league has been kind of left in the dark a bit at times. There’s been Arrow of course, and the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and several guest roles that have shown a great number of heroes and villains, but Doom Patrol is one of those that is finally bringing forth a few characters that fans know of but might not have seen all that much, if at all. Cyborg and Elasti Girl have been seen of course, but if the others have then it’s been in small, incremental doses that haven’t been engineered to let them have as much freedom as they will in this show. For that reason the DCEU should be able to expand again and again as more and more heroes and villains are starting to creep out of the woodwork and be exposed as they need to be. The Doom Patrol isn’t quite the Suicide Squad and it’s definitely not the Justice League, but it is something that fans might enjoy since the wider scope of the DC universe is finally starting to be unveiled and brought to the forefront as fans have no doubt been wanting for a while.

There are at least a couple of reasons why you should consider watching this show.

It’s shining a bigger light on the DCEU.

Despite the other shows that have come along it really feels as though Doom Patrol is finally shining a big spotlight on the rest of the DCU universe in a way that hasn’t been done yet. It could be that a lot of people that don’t know about these heroes, that have been around since the 1960s, are just now finding out about them and realizing that DC has a lot more to offer than it was originally showing. Think about it, so much energy has been expended on the major superhero movies that shining a light on those that don’t have as much prominence hasn’t been much of a priority. Much like the MCU, the DC universe has a lot to offer in the way of heroes and villains, and it’s likely that fans have been wanting to see more of this diversity for some time. The fact that it’s finally starting to come out seems to indicate that the DCEU might actually be able to step up and claim a bit more of the spotlight that’s been focused so heavily on the MCU throughout the past decade.

It’s a nice interlude until another movie comes along.

It might be more than an interlude though, as there’s not a lot of reason to believe that another Justice League movie or a standalone film is coming anytime soon. With the exception of the Wonder Woman sequel that’s coming out eventually there’s no telling when the next Justice League move might be on the way, or if The Flash will ever get up and running, no pun intended. At this moment there’s not a lot going on with the big screen, where the DC universe has really been taking the hits left and right when it comes to being able to contend with the MCU. But on the small screen they’ve been doing just fine, and Doom Patrol is one more group that should hopefully continue the success as the group seems like a bunch that will suffer a few problems initially but could eventually come together in a way that will be almost like watching the Suicide Squad team up, but with a more positive outlook and direction.

So far from the previews the show looks like it might be something that would be worth the effort of turning on the TV. The track record of the DC universe isn’t perfect at this point, but they’ve at least been wowing us just enough to keep people interested and keep the lot of us from turning the TV off or changing the channel. Some would disagree of course and say that the DC universe has been far more entertaining than the MCU, at least on the small screen, but that’s a matter of opinion and best left to each person to decide for themselves. In terms of Doom Patrol being a show that people will want to watch it would seem that it’s working off of a very reliable formula that hopefully won’t be too predictable and therefore stale. People want their heroes to win and the villains to lose, but there’s got to be some intrigue and room for the unexpected to happen.

So far just looking at the show it doesn’t seem like fans will be disappointed.

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