Five Shows to Watch if You Like Umbrella Academy

Five Shows to Watch if You Like Umbrella Academy

Five Shows to Watch if You Like Umbrella Academy

Most people are going to have a different opinion on what a person should watch if they enjoy Umbrella Academy, but there are plenty of shows that offer up themes that are similar or at the very least are able to deliver the kind of feel that the show grants to the fans. With the show coming back it’s fair to say that fans will be more focused on the UA than others, but whenever a person has a break they might want to at least check out what else is there to be enjoyed since various networks have been coming up with great content over the past few several years, and a lot of it is pretty entertaining as long as it’s given a chance. A lot of what people might enjoy if they like the UA is bound up in the weird and unusual that eventually sorts itself into the strange and unbelievable and to be real, the shockingly entertaining. It’s very easy to get stuck on one show and think that it’s the best thing going since there are shows out there, like UA, that offer up great action, storylines, characters, and situations that make people want to keep watching. The Umbrella Academy isn’t the only show like this but it is a good place to start, and when those episodes have been exhausted there are plenty of other shows to watch for the sheer entertainment of it.

Here are just a few shows you might like if you enjoy The Umbrella Academy.

5. The Boys

Superheroes that are essentially owned by corporations and don’t really care about the people they’re supposed to defend don’t sound like superheroes that people might want to idolize. But then again, people are able to be convinced of the strangest things now and then, and apart from Billy Butcher and his crew, it’s fair to say that a lot of people still love the costumed heroes in this show. But there are definite issues that go into each character since not everything is so cut and dried that it’s about to make sense, especially when it comes to the ongoing battle between the super-powered heroes and the vigilantes that want to bring them down.

4. Orphan Black

A woman trying to do the best she can to get her life on track and keep it that way runs across a woman that looks just like her and when that woman commits suicide, she tries to take over her life. The only problem is that eventually she discovers that there’s a reason that she and the woman looked identical. As she falls deeper and deeper into the web that surrounds her and the clones like her the story becomes a bit convoluted but definitely intriguing as the fans need to pay pretty close attention to make certain that they don’t miss anything since there’s a lot to this show that people will want to know.

3. The 100

Many years after escaping the nuclear warfare that decimated earth, a large group of individuals existing within a space station orbiting the planet finds that their supplies are dwindling and that they won’t be able to keep everyone alive unless they send a group to earth to check on the conditions of the planet. The option to send their teenage children is a hard one, but as things begin to break down on the station the decision is made and 100 teens are sent to the surface to determine if human beings can live in the wilds once again. The only problem is that upon landing, they discover that they’re not alone.

2. Marvel’s Runaways

When a group of teens finds out that their parents are actually super-villains they come to the realization that they have to be stopped. But first, they have to figure out how to do it and just what their villainous parents are after. At the same time, the parents of the kids start to wonder if their children might be keeping something from them, and as a result, the show heats up a little bit as parents and children have to try to outsmart each other. It’s a show that requires some patience to finally get to the payoff, but for the most part, this program is a lot of fun since it keeps people thinking.

1. Doom Patrol

When talking about the strange and unusual ways that people gain their powers and become protectors of the common folk, the Doom Patrol is definitely one of those groups that should come to mind since the team is made up of some truly strange individuals. On top of that is the fact that they come from very different backgrounds and have their own sets of issues to deal with as they struggle to come together as a team. It sounds about par for the course when talking about a lot of hero groups.

Having another show to watch can pass the time between seasons.

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