What We Learned from the Trailer for “Schmigadoon”

What We Learned from the Trailer for “Schmigadoon”

How many people would start flipping out if they realized they were stuck in a living, breathing musical that they couldn’t just walk out of? The answer kind of feels like it would be ‘a lot’, simply because many of us might enjoy musicals, but being ambushed by one while on a hike would be a little unnerving, especially since walking into a place that by all rights shouldn’t exist would probably already have a lot of people on edge. Some folks might actually enjoy it up until they realized they couldn’t leave, but for Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key, it’s about to turn into a series that will hopefully come off as something that people will want to keep watching. Some folks love musicals and some aren’t exactly crazy about them, but the idea for this series on Apple TV+ appears to be, well, I’m not sure at this moment. But it does appear to be filled with plenty of well-known names and a vibrant tone that is bound to attract some viewers and make others wonder what in the heck they’re watching.

To be fair, that’s kind of the point of many series and movies that have been coming out lately. If a trailer can’t get the attention of the people then it’s likely that the movie or series won’t last too long. But given the hype and the attention that many projects are being given at this time that doesn’t feel as though it’s a huge concern. The idea of wandering into a town that appears to be stuck back in time and has a tendency to become one giant stage as the townsfolk remind people how friendly they are and how musically gifted feels like something that might be good enough to last a season before things start falling down, but I could be wrong. It does sound better a movie idea rather than a series, but this is the way it goes apparently and there must be a good batch of ideas coming up if things are happening in this manner.

Anything that features a musical bit usually feels like it should be a short and sweet story that has a good start, middle, and end that people can enjoy. But a musical that’s being turned into a series feels like an endurance trial even though the musical aspect of it is likely to be far less than the trailer is making out. It’s enough to make a person wonder how the music is going to be integrated into the series and how often a musical number will break out since thinking that an entire series would be based around this is kind of tough to picture due to the nature of musicals and the fact that nearly every story benefits from exposition and actual dialogue that doesn’t have to be pitch-perfect. So really, accepting this as a series is a little easier when taking that into consideration since otherwise, one might have wondered if someone at Apple had hit their head and come up with this idea while dealing with a severe concussion. Not to be unkind, but musicals and TV series don’t always necessarily go together, and thinking that this series will be featuring multiple songs are still leaving me a bit anxious, to be honest.

It’s not fear or even paranoia really, it’s just the thought of something that really hasn’t been seen in a long time, at least not in this form, and it’s the idea that it might work given that it has a great cast and is being released in an era that might actually embrace it. In terms of the ‘wow’ effect, there is definitely a need to say ‘wow’, even if it feels like the emotion behind it is one of dumbfounded awe instead of the excitement that others might feel. It might be easier to say such a thing if so many projects as of late hadn’t elicited the same response due to their content, story, or something else that simply wasn’t expected at that time. There have been a few doozies to be sure, but even among those that have made some folks wonder what’s going on in show business, there are bound to be several projects that will end up becoming more than a little popular.

Schmigadoon already looks like something that some folks will have fun with and others will at least give a chance before moving on. As far as the premise, that of a couple that is seeking to rejuvenate their relationship, it almost feels that this gets lost somewhere in the trailer only to be brought back now and again as a reminder. But in terms of the series, it should be easy to wonder how far this subject can be stretched out.

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