Why Daredevil Worked As A “Lighter” Character For The MCU

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We Marvel fans just cannot wait for the blind ninja-like superhero known as Daredevil to make his new debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again. He technically already has in last year’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, but that was for a brief moment where he appeared as Matt Murdock. This was the best place to do it since he was Peter Parker’s lawyer. And yes, he was a very good lawyer.

But hold on, is this really the same exact Matt Murdock we all remember from the Netflix show? I’m guessing yes and no. Perhaps this new version will be taking elements from the old Netflix series, but I’m sure Marvel will like to reinvent this new Matt Murdock to their own liking. And if you’ve seen the trailer for the upcoming She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, you definitely caught that brief glimpse of Matt Murdock in his new Daredevil costume.

When you did, you might have been a little surprised as to the appearance of it. Surprisingly enough, the new costume was more yellow than red. How would that even work? This is supposed to be a vigilante that operates only at night and therefore has to fight in the shadows. That would be pretty hard to do if you’re wearing a costume with bright colors. The two outfits he wore in the Netflix series allowed him to use this advantage and become the MCU’s sort-of Batman.

Daredevil in She-Hulk

Well, for those who have checked out his episode on the She-Hulk show, you were able to see this newer, “lighter” version of Daredevil. Needless to say, he was a bit of a far cry from the one we saw in the Netflix series. He was actually smiling and cracking a few jokes while he was fighting. Does anyone else remember him doing that in the Netflix series?

All of those past Marvel shows on Netflix had a much darker tone than the more light-hearted movies in the MCU. That’s probably because they were never really considered to be canon to the overall MCU storyline, at least according to Kevin Feige. But then again, right up until all of those shows were canceled, each of them existed in the same universe where there was a talking tree and a Norse god cracking jokes. Kind of hard to believe that all of those ultra-violent shows took place in the same universe under the Disney banner. Well, at one point, they were, but now, it’s probably a different story.

Credit: Daredevil

But on the upside, Marvel did manage to bring back Charlie Cox for the role. That’s good, even if he’s not playing the exact same version from the Netflix series. Now Cox managed to nail the darkest and most serious characteristics of Matt Murdock. Given that he has often been written as a more serious character in the more modern age of Marvel Comics, that’s typically how we view him. However, I think many fans might of forgotten how comical this character was during his early days. If you don’t believe me, then just think about where the yellow costume came from.

Daredevil’s History

When the character debuted in 1964, he really popped on the page with his bright and yellow costume and the big red “D” on his chest. Throughout his first comic run in the ’60s, Daredevil began as a totally different character than how we’re used to seeing him today. He was funny, cracked a lot of corny jokes, fought the hammiest of villains, and was hardly ever brooding. In fact, in one of his most unexpected hilarious acts, he actually posed as his very own “twin brother” in order to give himself an alibi. He actually looked almost like lawyer Matt Murdock, except he wore fancy sunglasses and gelled his hair. It has to be one of the most underrated moments in his entire history.

Credit: Daredevil

The bottom is that Daredevil actually did work as a lighter character in the She-Hulk series. That’s how the character began in his early days, and that’s clearly where the inspiration came from. That’s part of his character that has been forgotten. Heck, his quick joke in Spider-Man: No Way Home made everyone laugh. That one episode in She-Hulk was an opportunity to show us his funny side many fans probably didn’t think he had. I think it worked very well, and Marvel should continue showing us this side of him in future shows or movies.

What are your thoughts, Marvel fans? Did you think Daredevil worked better as a funny character? We’ll see if that humor holds up well when the Born Again series premieres.

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