Who is Robbie Arnett?

Who is Robbie Arnett?
who is Robbie Arnett Milo Greene

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Robbie Arnett may not have been a famous name a few years ago, but since the pandemic, the musician has married Elizabeth Olsen, the MCU’s favorite witch, and gained some notoriety outside of his regular ventures with music. Robbie Arnett may share a last name with famed comedic actor and Lego Master host Will Arnett, but before Elizabeth Olsen, the musician had no connection to Hollywood. Below, we’ve detailed what you may not know about Robbie Arnett, such as his band, his sudden marriage to actress Elizabeth Olsen, and more from the musician.

Robbie Arnett

As Robbie Arnett and Elizabeth Olsen have private lives, they aren’t heavily involved with social media to keep up with their private life. Elizabeth Olsen even deleted her Instagram in 2020 and stated that she’s never going back to social media in an interview with Glamour UK. With such private lives, not much could be known about the two personalities with their lives together, but separately, before they were married and eloped, the two celebrities could have their lives pinpointed. As Elizabeth Olsen has been known not only as the Scarlet Witch but also as the younger sibling of her nearly famous-since-birth twin sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, she has been known to most before her role in the MCU. On the other hand, Robbie Arnett hasn’t been well known outside of being a musician. Below, we’ve also described and detailed the indie band that Robbie Arnett has been one of the members of since before their first release in 2012.

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Married to Elizabeth Olsen

Outside of being married before the COVID pandemic indeed took over the entire world and locked most of it down, the two also had a wedding sometime after they “eloped,” in which they initially got married. Beyond that, Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett moved into the spotlight together for the first time in 2017 and have lived together since 2018. Outside of living together, wherever that may have been, the two now live in London as of 2021. Although neither of the celebrities is from the London area, the two have remained there since they officially moved in together from their previous home. Most interestingly, the couple has traveled to Nicaragua for charity work with The Latitude Project, in which the two placed irrigation systems and filtered water in an area affected by a hurricane. Elizabeth Olsen previously worked with the nonprofit to paint a preschool they had built in the country.

Milo Greene Robbie Arnett

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Milo Greene

As stated above, Robbie Arnett has been a member of an indie rock band since at least early 2012, and as one of its three singer-songwriter members, each song has been beautifully composed to feature the style that the indie rock band has become known for with their fans. Milo Greene released three studio albums and an EP in 2012, 2015, and 2018 respectively, with each member currently in the band on each album. Milo Greene got their name from their imaginary booking agent, Milo Greene, as the band would address venues and others about the band “from Milo Greene” to mockingly give an all-put-together look for those looking to promote or book the band. While the band name of Milo Greene, or its members, including Robbie Arnett, may not sound familiar to those curious about who Robbie Arnett is, the musician’s music has been featured in a variety of media. From movies to television shows and commercials to late-night talk show features and appearances, the band’s music can be found in various corners of the industry. Milo Greene has been featured in the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, The CW series Supernatural, and Robbie Arnett has explicitly been credited as a music coordinator on an Adam Devine featured film, Jexi. Milo Greene has also had their music featured in a Michael Kors campaign and other commercials.

Hattie Harmony Olsen

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Children’s Book with Elizabeth Olsen

While most of the creativity from Robbie Arnett has been placed into the older passion of his band Milo Greene, he has also channeled his creativity towards younger fans with his wife Elizabeth Olsen, as the two co-wrote a children’s book together. The children’s book created by the two, Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective, was created to promote self-care for children, which was released earlier this year, and the couple intends to turn the book into a series. The book and potential series follow Hattie Harmony, a worry detective that’s always there for her friends and helps them through their troubles and fears, but when her fears become an issue, she must face them herself.

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