10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dylan Arnold

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dylan Arnold

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dylan Arnold

When “You” entered our lives a few years ago, we didn’t think that Netflix could bring us a better season than season one. Then they brought us season two, and now season three. Dylan Arnold is the young man starring in season three of the huge Netflix series alongside the brilliant Penn Badgely – who fans know we need to hate, but we cannot help but love. He’s the crazy, obsessed, stalker who falls hard for women who don’t show nearly as much interest in him until he stalks them, kills anyone who gets in their way, and makes himself look like each woman’s dream man…and we love it. Now Dylan Arnold is starring alongside Penn Badgely as Theo Engler, and we cannot wait to see more.

1. He is Young

Dylan Arnold is as young as he looks, which is pretty young. The actor was born on February 11, 1994. This makes him 27 as of 2021, and he still has years to go before he even reaches his 30s. He is in the prime of his acting career, too, so he has many years to go before his roles start to change.

2. He is from the PNW

For those who don’t recognize the acronym, that means that this actor is from the Pacific Northwest. He was born in Seattle, Washington. However, we don’t know if he grew up there or if he was merely born there and moved away as a child.

3. He Went to College in North Carolina

When it was time for this actor to head to college, he went east. He enrolled in courses at the University of North Carolina. His interest in acting was already evident when he enrolled in courses in the UNC School of the Arts where he also graduated with his degree.

4. His Mom is a Designer

His mother is a video game designer. He grew up with her working hard to make games that would entice kids to want to play, and she’s so far designed more than 50 popular games. He is quite proud of the work that his mother has done.

5. He is Playing a Dangerous Character

When he comes into this show as a young kid with some daddy issues, it’s clear to us he is going to cause some trouble and also put himself in some danger. He has a crush on Love, who is the now-wife of Penn Badgely’s crazy character. This will not end well, but we cannot wait to see how this goes.

6. He Enjoys Being Outside

So many people know and appreciate what the outdoors has to offer, and he is no different. He has a great time outdoors, and he tries to spend as much time outside as he can. He thoroughly enjoys being outdoors and being adventurous, and he also seems to be single at the moment.

7. He is a Fan of Art

It seems that while he might be a fan of the outdoors and of acting and hanging out with his friends, he is also a fan of art. He occasionally showcases some of the artwork he finds intriguing and beautiful on his social media pages. This implies that he is a thinker and someone who enjoys spending time focused on what is good in life.

8. He is Very Private

His fans love seeing what he does share with the world, but it’s probably safe to assume that many wish he would share a little more. He’s a kid who doesn’t seem to share too much about anything these days, despite the fact that he clearly has a lot going on. His fans want to know if he is dating anyone, but it seems to us that he’s never discussed his romantic ventures – and that is a little frustrating to some of the young women who want to know more.

9. He Auditioned for the Show Three Times

A fascinating piece of information for everyone is that this young man wanted to be Joe Goldberg. He auditioned for the role of Joe (which we all know went to Gossip Girl star Penn Badgely) and did not get it. He then auditioned for the role of Forty, who is Love’s brother, in season two and did not get that one. Finally, the third time around, he got the role.

10. He Went to College with Elizabeth Lail

He and Lail went to college together in North Carolina. She played the very unlucky character of Guinevere Beck in season one – the woman with whom Joe found himself obsessed and whose life he ruined. It was all a thing, but it is pretty cool to know that they went to college together and now star in the same show.

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