What We Know about The Gossip Girl Reboot So Far

Gossip Girl

Everyone’s favorite series about elite teens in Manhattan is making a comeback officially. According to Deadline, HBO has ordered a ten-episode reboot of the series that will be returning on HBO Max streaming service. The development comes just after Mark Pedowitz, the CW president, confirmed in February that the popular television show was likely to hit our screens again. Gossip Girl launched the acting careers of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, and Chace Crawford. At the Critics Association tour, President Pedowitz claimed that the series’ revival was contingent on whether the producers — Josh Schwartz and Steph Savage – of the show and Warner Bros wanted to go on with it. Below are all the details that we know so far about the wildly acclaimed show returning to our TVs.

The Revival will revolve around a New Set of Manhattan Teens

Deadline recently reported that the series’ logline reads: a decade after the original site went dark, a younger generation of private school teens in New York is introduced to Gossip Girl. The popular show will highlight how much social media – and New York — has changed over the years. Original series writer and showrunner, Joshua Safran, is greatly involved in the series and he will be working with Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz production company — Fake Empire — Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros and CBS studios.

Both Blake and Leighton have announced that they are ready to do a revival

Lively had a chance to speak with Variety in 2017, saying that she is open to having a reboot of Gossip Cast with a new cast. When Vanity Fair interviewed Meester about a likely restart in 2017, she seemed open to the idea of reenacting the character played by Blair Waldorf. Meester implied that she had a clear picture of what role Blair would be playing in the new series. After the big news dropped that a reboot was quite a likelihood, E! News asked Meester earlier this year if she was open to doing the show again. She answered that she never says never to such possibilities.

Chace Crawford hoped to make a cameo on the new shoot

In December last year, Crawford confided in US weekly that he is open to talking about the possibility. At that time, Crawford was convinced that a reboot was not in the pipeline. Moreover, even though he does not mind playing Nate Archibald again, he believes that the original cast might be quite old to reprise their roles well enough. After that, in July, he contemplated that a limited TV series was a possibility and that he would definitely want to appear in it. Crawford mentioned that it would not be easy to bring together the original actors. He opined that it would be quite tough to bring everybody on board given their different schedules. According to him, the reboot might come in the form of very new actors.

Penn Badgley is not that interested, but he will not rule out the possibility of appearing completely

Penn Badgley thinks that a reboot might not happen for another decade, and he does not seem to be very interested in playing Dan Humphrey again. According to him, the shows that are being rebooted currently are much older, and none of them — the actors and the creators — are interested in a reboot. However, Penn took a never say never stand towards the show’s revival. He told Variety, ahead of You -his psych-thriller series premiering, that you should never say never to such occurrences.

Ed Westwick is not a fan of the idea

In 2017, Ed appeared for an interview session with Radio Times. He said that, in as far as he knows, the concept of Gossip Girl reboot is not possible and that his character has been played out already. In spite of his very harsh stand, Ed Westwick said that should an opportunity to play Chuck Bass come, he would take it up — but only if he was offered a lot of money.

Taylor Momsen quit acting a while ago — so it is very unlikely that she would return

Momsen said that she experienced growing pains while she was filming Gossip Girl. While acting, she tried to focus much of her attention on music and she eventually began making a few tours with her band – the Pretty Reckless. In as far as returning to play Jenny Humphrey is concerned, she does not look to going back to playing the role. In 2014, she told Riverfront Times, that Gossip Girl was a very good experience, and it had helped her in one way or another and hurt in other ways, but it feels like it all happened very many years back.

Kristen Bell Might be Returning

Even though she did not physically appear on screen, Bell was one iconic star as the voice of the show. Speaking with E! News, Kristen Bell ensured that the fans remained guessing about how exactly she was involved, always responding with “Maybe. I will never tell.”

The Series will Air in 2020

No statement has been announced regarding its release date just yet, but you will not have to wait for so long to get to watch the new episodes since HBO Max will launch in 2020.

Who exactly will be in the Gossip Girl Reboot?

If Gossip Girl truly does make a return, then it is likely that Dan will not be playing the role. For one, he is already replaying the best stalker role as Joe in YOU, and also, a new Gossip Girl season will replicate the current world setting where every person is Dan. About three years ago, Dan gave a frustrating but hopeful ‘maybe’ answer when he was asked about the show’s reboot; he even admitted that such conversations had not been covered just yet.

The initial creators are still behind the new season

Original creators of the program Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz are still executive producers. The writer, Joshua Safran is also on board.

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