10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin

The world fell a little bit in love with Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin back when she was part of HGTV’s “Going for Sold,” and everyone is flipping out now that she’s back on television with a new show called, “Two Steps Home,” with Jon Pierre. They are the most fabulous couple with a serious eye for design, and television is a better place thanks to them. Now that they are back and fans are elated, it’s time to learn as much as we can about Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin before she’s such a household name we know her favorite color and what time she eats breakfast off the top of our heads.

1. She is Always Looking Out for the Budget

One thing that Mary is good at is looking for ways to keep within her budget. Her client’s budget, her friend’s budget, whatever budget is in front of her when she’s designing a space, she is looking out for it. She is almost budget-conscious to a fault, and she relies on her partner to help her determine when it’s right and when there is a time to stretch.

2. She’s Always About Competition

Mary knows competition when she sees it – not in another person, but in another home in a neighborhood. She doesn’t want to fit into any old neighborhood with her designs. Her goal is to stand out among all the beauty that already exists.

3. She is a Firm Believer in Staging

If she could offer you even one piece of advice pertaining to the potential sale of your own home, she advises you to stage it. She knows the importance of making a house look like a home that belongs to the person who walks through the door, and it is the single most important thing you will do when you sell your home.

4. She’s Been Married 12 Years

She and her husband have been married a long time, and they have kids to navigate their lives with. They both left their day jobs within the 9 to 5 community to do what they are doing and do it with their spouse, with kids to take care of, and with a brand-new life that is not as familiar or as stable as a 9 to 5, and it is a terrifying challenge. Of course, Mary and Jon are more than up to the challenge.

5. She Had a Very Cool Previous Job

When we say that she left her 9 to 5 to work with her husband doing what they are doing, we didn’t mean she literally left a 9 to 5. She has never been your traditional type of woman. She was a flight attendant prior to this. She didn’t work 9 to 5 and come home. She worked overnight, in the morning, in the afternoon, for days at a time, in the air, and in other cities.

6. Her Kids Do Not Care She’s On Television

Mary and Jon’s kids keep them humble. They don’t care if they are on television. They do care, however, when their parents are watching their own show on television and the kids are into watching something else. They are upset when they can’t use the television to watch their own favorite shows, and they don’t care that they’re getting to see their mom and dad on the television channel they’re watching. Humbling is synonymous with children, is it not?

7. She is Constantly Grateful

If you think that she is just a happy person, you’re probably right. Mary and her husband are both grateful, and they live their lives with that state of gratefulness in mind. They keep things going for themselves in a manner that is happy because they always approach life grateful for the opportunities they’ve been blessed with.

8. They did All the Big Things At Once

As someone who did the same thing in life, is there any other way to do it? New baby, new careers, new life? It is a common occurrence, and I like to think it’s because you take a leap of faith one time and continue doing it. In 2015, they were having their first baby, and Jon was tired of his job in the oil industry. He spent 15 years in the oil field, and he was ready for something else. That’s when they began their career in the real estate business. A new baby, new jobs, new life.

9. They Didn’t Do Well on Their First Flip

When it came time to flip their first house, they didn’t do well. They lost, but they did learn. They learned that they need to do things differently, how to approach a flip, and what to do next – and they have not lost again. It’s a learning process. Failures are only failures if you choose not to learn from them.

10. They Thought Their Television Offer Was Fake

When she received an email from a production company asking her to film, Mary and Jon both thought the email was fake – and they ignored it. Long story short, it was not a fake email! They worked it out, though, and it has been a blessing.

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