Who is Michael Ealy’s Gorgeous Wife?

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He was born Michael Brown, but his first and last names are just too common to use in show business. Sure, they might work, but how many Michael Browns do you know? If you live anywhere in anywhere, you’ll know at least one personally and more professionally. So, rather than going by Michael Brown to work, he goes by the name Michael Ealy. See, now you know exactly who we are discussing. He’s been in just about every movie, from Barbershop to Think Like a Man to everything in between. He’s good at what he does, but fans of Michael Ealy want to know about his wife. Who is Michael Ealy’s wife, and how does their love story unfold?

Michael Ealy’s Wife is Khatira Rafiqzada

Michael Ealy and his wife began dating in 2008 and married in 2012. They were together four years before their October 2012 wedding, and it was a good four years for them. They married in Los Angeles, California, and their wedding was breathtaking. She is a very private woman, but we have learned a few things about her over the years. We know that she is from Afghanistan, but she did not grow up there. Instead, she grew up in the Golden State in San Francisco. She was a baker. Her husband once said that he knew on their second date that she was the one for him, and he’s not changed his mind after nearly 14 years together and 10 years of marriage.

Credit: @themichaelealy

She is a Mother

Khatira Rafiqzada is a mom to two kids. Michael Ealy’s wife gave birth to their son a year after they got married. Their daughter is six. Their son is Elijah, and their daughter is Harlem. They share a lovely family and spend a lot of quality time together. What’s lovely about them as a family is their values. They value not only one another, but they value their privacy, too. They truly keep their family lives out of the press and away from cameras, and that’s how it should be when you are raising small kids.

Michael Ealy’s Wife Handles His Love Scenes With Grace

Being married to a working actor – especially a handsome one who regularly has on-screen romances with other women – is no easy task. However, Khatira is a pro when it comes to working through moments that might not be her favorite. She makes light of the situation with everyone, including costars, that share love scenes with her husband. She’s a wife who knows her husband is getting paid to do this with other women for a role, and it’s not real. She works very hard to make sure everyone knows she’s understanding and not trying to make things weird for anyone.

“Megan Good is one of the first people I’ve done a love scene with that had a husband. My wife, on the other, is like, ‘when can I make out with somebody?’ And I’m like, ‘well if you get paid for it, I’m cool. I ain’t made out for free yet,’” is their standing joke about all things love scene related. If there is one thing that he loves about his wife, it’s that she is so secure in herself and their marriage that his work life doesn’t bother her. Her security is highly attractive to him, and he loves it.

Credit: @themichaelealy

“I had relationships prior to my wife, and they took issue with it. They couldn’t handle it. Even my wife’s friends are like, ‘how do you deal with this every single project? It’s ridiculous,’” he says of his wife’s security and other women’s lack of it.

Khatira Rafiqzada is a Successful Woman

We mentioned earlier that she is a baker, but did we mention how good she is? She’s also a co-founder. She co-founded a company called Break Bread, which is a company that focuses on literacy. She’s also a scientist, per her Instagram biography. Her life is spent raising her kids, running her company, and baking. She likes to share her talents online, too, but she does try to keep the lives of her kids and husband private. She will occasionally share a snap of them together, but she shares a lot of food and travel content, and we are here for it. She’s funny, and she has an engaging personality, and we can see why people are instantly drawn to her. She’s just so likable.

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