What is Scott Bakula’s Net Worth in 2023?

What is Scott Bakula’s Net Worth in 2023?
What is Scott Bakula’s Net Worth in 2023?

Credit: @scottbakula

It was 1983 when actor Scott Bakula made his debut on Broadway. He’d moved to New York City years before to chase his dream of acting, and it took time. His first role, however, was a big one. He played an icon on stage. Scott Bakula portrayed none other than famed baseball legend Joe DiMaggio; the man married to the even more legendary Marilyn Monroe for a moment. The production was Marilyn: An American Fable, and it was the role that opened the doors for him to play other roles off and on Broadway. Of course, those roles are not the pinnacle of his success, but they are the starting point. These days, Scott Bakula’s net worth is around $16 million, and he is living his best life.

Tell Us More About Scott Bakula’s Early Life and the Road to Stardom

Scott Stewart Bakula is his full name, and his date of birth is October 9, 1954. He grew up in a family of five. His mom and dad were married, and his father worked as an attorney. He is the oldest of three kids, and he’s also the first of two boys. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Not much is known about his childhood other than the facts, but we do know he did attempt to go to college. His acting career began to take off when he was in college, and he left school to pursue acting. He ended up moving to New York City when he was only 22.

Scott Bakula’s Impressive Career

Once he moved to Los Angeles, his career took off. It is almost as if Scott Bakula only needed to be near the stars to become one. He began landing role after role on television. Not every role he landed was a big one. He’s been a guest actor on some of Hollywood’s biggest hits, but that is a big deal. He also made several movies, though it’s obvious his film career never reached the same success as his television career. By the mid-80s, he was tapped to spend 9 episodes filming Gung Ho. He did five on Designing Women. That eventually led to a main role in the hit show Quantum Leap, on which he spent four seasons as a main character.

What is Scott Bakula’s Net Worth in 2023?

Credit: @scottbakula

He also directed several Quantum Leap episodes, and he thoroughly enjoyed them. Immediately following the end of Quantum Leap in 1993, he landed a 13-episode arc on Murphy Brown. From there, it was miniseries and television movies for the win. He’s made himself available to appear on just about every major television show since, and it’s worked well. He also continued his theater career, and his talent only grew.

What About Scott Bakula’s Personal Life?

Scott Bakula, like many people, learned too late that there is a prioritization that goes into being married and having kids. He did not realize this until it was too late, and it might be one of the primary reasons his first marriage did not work, but his second marriage seemed to be going well. See, Bakula wasn’t home often when he began his career. He worked all the time, and he didn’t realize that he had to prioritize being with his family. During his Quantum Leap years, he worked nonstop for almost five years, and it cost him. He was married to his first wife, and they shared two kids. His wife was Krista Neumann. They wed in 1981, but their marriage ended in 1995 – two years after he finished Quantum Leap.

His second wife is a different story. He married Chelsea Field in 2009, and they also have two children. They are still married to this day, but their romance dates back even further. They were together for 15 years before they tied the knot, which means they’ve been together for almost three decades now. He learned after the demise of his first marriage that he had to spend more time with his family, prioritize his marriage, and make things work. It seems to be working for him.

What is Scott Bakula’s Net Worth in 2023?

Credit: @scottbakula

Scott Bakula’s Net Worth

It’s 2023, and Scott Bakula’s net worth is $16 million. Though we don’t know what he was paid for each role he played in his career, we do know that he earned a lot of money during his long history of acting. Since his first roles in the mid-80s, he’s managed to amass a healthy net worth, and he’s doing well. We do know that he made a reported $120K per episode when he filmed the show NCIS: New Orleans, and that goes to show how much he is worth. He makes a handsome sum for his appearances, and it shows in his overall financial status.

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