Which “This Is Us” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Which “This Is Us” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign

As This Is Us comes to a series finale this year, what better time to reflect on the Pearson family zodiac signs? Since 2016, This Is Us has left us bawling on our couches once a week; following the trials and tribulations of an unconventional family just trying to get through life. So who matches your zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Jack Pearson

Sometimes, your impulsivity can get the best of you, Aries. Jack is a perfect example of the positive and negative traits of your sign. While at times he can be immature or irresponsible, his loyalty to his family always prevails, and his energy and passion are unmatched by anyone else on the show. You might have a difficult time communicating your feelings, but don’t let that stop you from deepening emotional connections, Aries.

Taurus – Toby Damon

Much like Toby, Taurus, you’re a constant solid ground for many of the people around you. As we see in his relationship with Kate, Toby is a root (typical earth sign behavior) for her to cling to when she’s unsure of herself. You’re a natural caretaker, and don’t tend to sweat the small stuff. Big changes in life can be difficult to adjust to, but if you take time for self-care and mental maintenance, you can be the most peaceful and reliable zodiac sign.

Gemini – Malik Hodges

Cancer – Kate Pearson

Cancer, you’re a people pleaser by nature. Much like Kate, you can feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and have a tendency to let people take advantage of your kind heart. It’s hard for you to see the value you have, even when others assure you of it. As a water sign, you have the tendency to get caught up in your own head and emotions, which can be very overwhelming. With practice and patience, you can overcome this and achieve great empathy and emotional intelligence.

Leo – Kevin Pearson

Kevin is such an obvious Leo. He has a lot of concerns around his self-image; and the personality he portrays to others. He’s consistently on a quest to find the ‘real’ him, but that all just leads to the discovery that he has low self-esteem (something common with Leo’s, even if they hide it well). You can struggle with purpose, Leo, which stems from the thought that you need to be in control of every situation. Take time to decompress, Leo, you deserve it.

Virgo – Rebecca Pearson

Virgo, you’re the classic ‘mom friend’. You have a plan for every possible situation, and you’re very rarely caught off-guard. Much like Rebecca, you’re inherently self-less but you know when to put your foot down. As an earth sign, you keep the chaos around you under control, all while dealing with your own problems. You’re an excellent multi-tasker, and you’re a natural caregiver. Remember to take a moment for yourself, Virgo, or you’ll exhaust yourself.

Libra – Beth Pearson

Beth is a classic Libra. As an air sign, she’s artistic, creative, and free-spirited. Moreover, as a Libra, she makes the best out of every situation, and has no problem sacrificing what she wants for the good of the group. She’s got a trademark charm and charisma, just like you, Libra. While you have a tendency towards secrecy and self-advantageous behaviors, those are typically tactics to protect yourself. Don’t be afraid to get emotionally intimate with someone, Libra, you can learn a lot about yourself.

Scorpio – Deja Andrews

Scorpio, you’ve got a lot going on under the surface. While some may perceive you as cold or calloused, you’re often just sorting through your own thoughts and feelings. Much like Deja, change is extremely difficult for you (as the fixed water sign). You have a tendency towards existentialism and cynicism, but that can be remedied if you let people in. Like we see with Deja, things start getting better for her when she lets Randall and Beth into her mind. Don’t be afraid of vulnerability, Scorpio.

Sagittarius – William ‘Shakespeare’ Hill

You follow your heart, Sag; not necessarily your head. You’re naturally funny and charismatic, and you make for very pleasant company. As we see with William, even when staring death in the face, he maintained a positivity and light. You are able to mediate and navigate complicated emotional situations (like reconnecting with your son that you abandoned as a baby now that you have cancer). Don’t follow every impulse, Sag, they can get you in trouble.

Capricorn – Madison Simons

Who else could balance out Kevin’s Leo energy but the iconic Capricorn Madison. She’s a singularly focused woman, which helps her navigate her relationship priorities with Kevin. She’s also very independent, which is common in Capricorn women. Much like Madison, you have an ambitious mind, willing to do whatever it takes to get something done (except when you’re asked to compromise your own logic). Widen your perspective, Capricorn, and you’ll be surprised at how much is out there to enjoy.

Aquarius – Randall Pearson

Quick-witted, anxiety-prone, social, and intelligent; all of which describe Aquarians. Randall is no exception to this. He’s the overachiever of the family, landing a cushy job and comfortable lifestyle. As proven when he runs for public office, he’s a humanitarian who wants to genuinely help others. His sarcasm, quick humor, and attitude all come from his intelligence; and he still has moments of classic Aquarius spontaneity. Keep living fearless and tackling challenges, Aquarius.

Pisces – Miguel Rivas

Pisces, you are often forgot about in the context of the zodiac. Many would like to write you off as the ‘weak’ one or the ’emotional’ one, but that’s not true at your core. Your empathy and emotional intelligence make you very strong in spirit and mind. Much like Miguel, you’re an amazing listener, and you always seem to know what to say when giving advice or helping fix an issue. Don’t let the ignorance of others bring down your loving spirit, Pisces.a series finale this year

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