Which “The Nanny” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “The Nanny” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Since its streaming debut on HBO MaxThe Nanny has become one of the most watched shows on the platform. Few can live up to the quick wit and comedic talent of Fran Drescher, and when paired with an incredible ensemble cast, it’s no wonder this show is such a hit; even 22 years after it left the air! Not all of us can be the flashy girl from Flushing, Queens, so who represents your zodiac? Let’s find out!

Aries – Sylvia Fine

You’re a fire-cracker, Aries. No one would be able to raise a woman like Fran without being an icon themselves (just like Sylvia). You are a romantic at heart, even if you may not want to admit it. Underneath your quick-witted and (sometimes) immature exterior, you can be a really loyal friend, ready to fight for the ones you love. No one bosses quite like you, Aries, and we love you for it!

Taurus – Maxwell Sheffield

As the rock of the Sheffield Family, it makes total sense that Maxwell is a Taurus. Much like you, Maxwell is a devoted career man who is focused on responsibility and consistency. Your craving for reinvention can be counterproductive to your stable and efficient nature, but it can make for great lapses of creativity. You’re the glue that holds the people around you together, and we’d be lost without you.

Gemini – Grace Sheffield

You are emotionally volatile, Gemini. You can’t help it, you’re the twin sign, it comes with the territory. Like Grace, your mood can change on a dime, and you can often be introspective. Feelings can be overwhelming for you, but they go just as quick as they come. You’re a fun personality to be around, and the ultimate party animal. Don’t get too in your head, Gemini, and remember to enjoy life!

Cancer – Maggie Sheffield

Cancer, Maggie represents the insecurity and uncertainty you can often be plagued by. You’ve got a heart of gold, but your own self-esteem can often diminish your shine. You’re a natural caretaker with oldest sibling energy, and can be quick to anger or frustration. With work on your patience, you can be a stronghold for the people around you, and show off all the positivity that makes you so radiant.

Leo – Brighton Sheffield

Brighton is the ultimate prankster and middle child. You have a craving for the spotlight, Leo, it’s in your DNA. Whether you mean to or not, you often ascend to ‘main character’ in your friend group. You’ve got a wicked sense of humor, but that can quickly become vindictive and condescending if not kept in check. Work on your empathy, Leo, and you’ll be an unstoppable force.

Virgo – Nigel Sheffield

As the ultimate hard worker of the zodiac sign, you’re represented by Maxwell’s younger entrepreneur brother. You have a tendency to walk through life with a chip on your shoulder, afraid of living in others’ shadows (much like Nigel). And while you may not admit it, you can be intimidated easily, even with your tough exterior. Remember that you’re every bit as powerful as the other signs, and embrace your unique gifts.

Libra – Val Toriello

Libra, you are a good time. Like Val, you’re sociable, charming, and warm. People are naturally drawn to your company, and you can have a balancing effect on larger personalities surrounding you. You have a tendency to be flippant sometimes, not always carefully considering your words or actions. With mindfulness, you can become the ultimate socializer, and nothing will be out of your silver tongue grasp.

Scorpio – Grandma Yetta Rosenberg

You’re truly a mystery, Scorpio. Much like Grandma Yetta, you seem to have lived 1000 lives. You come through with wisdom, sharp comments, and emotionally unavailable tendencies. While feelings and emotions aren’t your wheelhouse, you are the fixed water sign, and have more empathetic habits than you might care to admit. At your core, you’re passionate, and no one could ever say you’re boring!

Sagittarius – Fran Fine

The original lady in red when everyone else is wearing tan, Fran represents your sign perfectly, Sag. She’s fashionable, quick-witted, passionate, and always makes the best out of a bad situation. You have an uncanny knack to pull miracles out of thin air, and you’ve got no lack of fire and drive for things and people you love. One of the funniest zodiac signs, you’re a joy to be around, so long as you keep your attitude in check!

Capricorn – C.C Babcock

Capricorn, you’re singularly focused. As an earth sign, you’re also rooted to the ground, not allowing yourself to get caught up in fantasy and fallacy. You can be called a cynic and a skeptic, but you’re just a realist. Few work as hard as you do, and even fewer boss the way you do. You’re not afraid of your own power, but that can be quickly misconstrued as arrogance. Make sure to keep in touch with your empathy, Capricorn, and you’ll go far.

Aquarius – Niles

Who else could be the oddball, quick-witted, and rebel sign besides Niles? As the family butler, he dishes out as many zingers as he does mashed potatoes, and he’s never intimidated. No one embodies your silent strength, wisdom, and intellect the way Niles does, Aquarius. While some might write him off as a secondary character, he’s the obvious fan favorite, just like you!

Pisces – Morty Fine

What you lack in flamboyance, Pisces, you make up for in character. You don’t mind being a supporting character, and you realize the worth in that job. Like Morty, you’re soft for your family and friends, but can stand up to strangers. You’re a natural empath, and can often pick up on vibes that others are too distracted to notice. You’re one in a million, Pisces, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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