Which “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

When it premiered in 2005, no one could have predicted the meteoric rise in popularity It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has achieved. 15 seasons in, IASIP continues to entertain its dedicated fanbase. With such a wide net of personalities and characters, I thought it only natural to write about each character’s zodiac sign. So who represents your sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Ryan and Liam McPoyle

Aries, you’re represented by the iconic McPoyle brothers. While this might seem like it’s coming out of left field, let me explain. Ryan and Liam are incredibly quick on their feet, and able to weasel out of tight spots (uhm hello, remember when they held the gang hostage at the bar and got away?); which is a distinct fire sign quality. When paired with their quick tempers and unashamed individuality, it’s obvious these two are Aries’.

Taurus – Mac’s Mom

You’re a tough cookie, Taurus. You’re stubborn, resilient, and loyal. All of these traits are showcased by Mac’s mother. As an ex-convict and criminal, she’s shown her loyalty and resilience time after time. You’re not afraid of a little challenge, Taurus, and you’re the last one to leave a friend in need. When you truly open your vulnerability to people, others can appreciate your oddball nature a little more.

Gemini – Ronald “Mac” MacDonald

There’s a lot going on in your mind, Gemini. Like Mac, you have an incredibly difficult time analyzing and understanding yourself, often abandoning labels altogether and projecting a mask of yourself to others. You have a tendency towards immaturity, but that’s partly due to your perpetual optimism. You’re always down to help your friends; even when they put you directly in harm’s way. You’re a free spirit, who might lean more towards commitment-phobic; so don’t be afraid to let others in, Gemini.

Cancer – Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara

Cancer, you’re a sweetheart at your core. You have the innate ability to build up a tough exterior and adapt to your situation, but that often comes after great grief. Like Rickety Cricket, you can sometimes be too trusting of those who don’t have your best intentions at heart. You bounce back from every setback, always making the best of whatever you’re given. Stick with your gut instincts, and don’t let people take advantage of you.

Leo – Dennis Reynolds

Who else serves Leo energy the way Dennis Reynolds does? This man doesn’t call himself “The Golden God” for nothing. Like Dennis, you’re not shy in social situations, and you’re an excellent conversationalist. People are drawn to your natural charm, but can be turned away if you get too far up on your high horse. You’re a natural leader, most of the other zodiacs following your example without question. Use your powers for good; and you can change the world.

Virgo – Deandra “Dee” Reynolds

Now, technically Dee and Dennis are twins and share the same zodiac sign; but for the sake of this article let’s pretend that’s not the case. Dee gives huge Virgo energy. She’s consistently the most logical in the group, even when the gang doesn’t listen to her. Much like Dee, you take care of the people you care about, and you’re often the most responsible person in the room. We would be lost without your analytical mind, Virgo.

Libra – The Waitress

You don’t have time for any of this tomfoolery, Libra. You’re naturally very balanced, and you’re used to having your life together. Even when the gang tries to ruin things for The Waitress (which has happened so many times), she snaps back and does what’s best for herself. You’re an old soul, Libra, and it seems like you’ve lived 1000 lives before this one. Keep working hard; it’ll always pay off.

Scorpio – Artemis

Artemis encompasses a lot of what scares people about Scorpio’s. She’s intense, self-advantageous, and ridiculously sexually charged. We see her intuitive and creative side with her witchcraft practice and acting experience. You’re a wild card, Scorpio, and no one ever knows what your next move will be. Your ambition, combined with an air of mystery, is enough to make you this iconic queen.

Sagittarius – Barbara Reynolds

You don’t take life too seriously, Sag. You’d do pretty much anything for the right price, and you’re not ashamed of that! When you’re not on your boss grind, you’re the socializer of the zodiac; possessing the ability to bring even enemies together under one roof. You have a taste for the finer things in life, and your fire sign manipulation tactics make it easy to get what you want. Remember to tap into your empathy sometimes, Sag; it can prove even more profitable than your usual tactics.

Capricorn – Charlie’s Mom

A perpetual hypochondriac, Charlie’s mother represents your logical and grounded sensibilities, Capricorn. You have a tendency towards paranoia (which comes with your ‘high and mighty’ attitude); sometimes pushing people close to you away. You’ve got a one-track mind, and things are often ‘black and white’ for you. Don’t be afraid to connect with your emotional side; it can enrich the relationships you care about.

Aquarius – Frank Reynolds

Frank’s a complete enigma, Aquarius, just like you. You seem to have a story for every situation, and you’ve done some crazy things. As the original rebel, you liked cool stuff before it became ‘cool’, and you have the strangest habits/interests. You’re committed to personal freedom and individuality, even if that screws things up for the people around you. Keep that natural charisma, Aquarius, it can get you out of tough spots.

Pisces – Charlie Kelly

Dear Pisces, you’re the kind-hearted Charlie Kelly. While you’re easily corruptible and a little too trusting of others, you’re also a dedicated empath. As the last zodiac sign, you represent wisdom and forgiveness. Charlie is always quick to forgive (almost too quick), and he’s often the most emotionally moved in the group. You’re always searching for justice, Pisces; preferring to focus on doing what’s right, even at your own detriment.

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