Meet the Cast of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant”

Meet the Cast of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant”

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, is another branch of reality TV that is easy for some to get behind and increasingly difficult for others. The cast aren’t even all teenagers at this point which is kind of the premise of the show, but the other part is that they lead hard lives that are made even harder by the fact that they’re pregnant. This is the kind of show that’s supported and tends to kind of undermine the efforts of young men and women to go on and have fulfilling lives before having kids. The stress level that is apparent in these shows is enormous and yet the lifestyle they chose to live, being pregnant, is almost always something that they could have prevented if they’d been thinking about things before they did them. One can only hope that they live happily once the baby comes, but holding this show up as anything but a cautionary tale to other young people seems kind of messed up.

It’s almost like waving a chance to be on TV in front of a younger generation that sees this as a ticket to fame.

Brianna and Danae

So when Brianna and Danae split up she slept with another man and got pregnant. Eventually she and Danae got back together and the biological father wanted nothing to do with the baby, so Danae decided to stick around. When it was discovered that Danae is a transgender man it didn’t change anything. Finding out that their baby would be born without an arm however is something that might change a lot.

Jade and Shawn

Jade’s parents aren’t much of a prize and Shawn isn’t much better since he works all day and then plays video games all night. It’s really hard to feel any kind of sympathy for anyone in this predicament since there’s been a chance for each of them to change. A guy that puts video games over spending time with his pregnant girlfriend is REALLY hard to feel sorry for. If there’s anyone to feel for it’s Jade, but even that’s kind of hard.

Ashley and Bar

Like them or not people kind of have to get used to the idea of the grandparents of their children not getting along with them all the time. Bar however is the one that needs to step up and tell his mom to play nice with his girlfriend, while Ashley needs to at least hear Bar’s mom out. Finding sympathy for anyone on this show is an act of futility at this point that might make someone seem hard-hearted but would really be difficult to fake.

Kayla and Stephen

He’s been cheating, he’s still cheating according to what she found out. No woman wants to raise a child on her own, but a man that’s not going to be there for her when he’s really needed isn’t much of a prize. Plus he doesn’t seem too thrilled about the prospect of not stepping out when he wants. Who are these people?


Ah the high school aspect finally steps in. Lexi is self-conscious about the way she looks and it’s pretty natural since a pregnant cheerleader isn’t exactly something that’s entirely common. But as far as her ex goes there’s no telling if he’ll stick around or if she’ll be taken care of by her family.

Are Health classes still a thing in school? Because quite honestly shows like this seem to indicate that such is not the case.

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