A Compilation of the Greatest Pet Videos of 2017

A Compilation of the Greatest Pet Videos of 2017

Pets are amazing sometimes and this greatest pets compilation of 2017 just proves it. Of course given that some of the ‘pets’ in here are technically classified as wild animals the situation gets even funnier since you can just imagine most people’s reactions those that are keeping raccoons as pets or can scratch a lion’s stomach and not get mauled to death. Of course the reason behind this is that such animals are usually found abandoned or orphaned and are raised by humans. This doesn’t fully quell the wild animal aspect of them but it can certainly teach them something different that can make them a lot friendlier and a lot more lovable. The only problem then would be that you’d have to keep them contained or release them back to the wild at some point since few if any neighborhoods would gladly put up with wild animals that are being kept as pets.

But on the brighter side they do make for some amusing videos since animals can be quite funny at times. The raccoon getting his head scratched seems to appreciate it so much that it actually reaches up and starts scratching its owners face as well. It might not feel quite as good but it can certainly be appreciated as a warm gesture that the animal has decided to mimic.

Then there are the comical scenes like the ferrets fighting over the water dish. I couldn’t tell if one was bathing and one wanted a drink or if they were fighting over the fact that the light-haired one was taking too long. I’m sure that would make for some interesting dialogue though if someone took the opportunity to do it. Even the instance between the parrot and the young pup would be funny since it almost seems like the parrot is trying to warn the dog off and could possibly be saying “Knock it off!” to the dog’s constant pawing at his head and beak. Honestly if you were a pint-sized adult would you want some big, clumsy kid pawing at you?

The raccoon sitting on its butt with a pile of popcorn on its lap is pretty funny since its watching another raccoon on TV.  Then there’s the dog that REALLY wants a stick so instead of going off to find one it goes and finds a branch that looks nice enough and tries to yank it down. That’s one determined canine.

One of the best though was the cat giving the handshake and then the fist bump. Animals are simply amazing at times and show that they have a lot of personality based upon who takes care of them and how well. Some of these videos were just for cute effect and others were truly impressive as well as funny. Animals of all types have a weird sense of humor that humans don’t always get but can at least appreciate in some regard. Here’s hoping that we’ll see just as many cool animal videos this year as we did last year.

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