Whatever Happened to Ted Wass?

Whatever Happened to Ted Wass?

Whatever Happened to Ted Wass?

Back in the 90s was the last time that Ted Wass acted apparently and it would sound as though he gave that up for a chance to direct. It’s not a bad decision or direction to go in but it does appear that the last time he was in the director’s seat was back in 2016. It’s fair to think that Ted will likely be remembered the longest as Blossom’s father, Nick Russo, but he also directed for the show as well. At this point, one can’t help but think that having grown up in the 80s or 90s that a lot of people are taken back by the fact that many of the people we watched at one time are starting to age and have done so much more than we realize. Some fans might have kept track of their favorite actors over the years, but it’s easy to think that the average TV viewer would have lost track of them after they stopped watching the show that helped to make them famous. Ted has done plenty before and after Blossom, but saying that he’s a superstar is kind of stretching it since he’s been behind the scenes for a while.

He did get his start on stage playing the part of Danny Zuko for a version of Grease, a prized role among a lot of stage actors since Grease is still a widely regarded story that a lot of people still love. But apart from that and his time on Blossom its kind of easy to think that a lot of people wouldn’t recognize him that easily as he doesn’t normally rock the same hairstyle that he did decades ago and Blossom hasn’t been much more than a pleasing memory for a lot of people over the years. A lot of people might not like to hear it, and the truth is that it’s not fun to say it, but a lot of the stars from the 90s sitcoms have kind of faded out over the years.

One could argue that taking a position behind the camera for a while now has been Ted’s way of staying in the business without having to be a part of the business, but it also feels like a transition that might not lead to a lot of higher positions unless a person makes the right moves. It’s hard to say what Ted is doing at the moment since the pages that show his information don’t give out enough to really tell that much, but given that people don’t hear his name that often any longer it could be that he decided to retire and just back away from it, or he could be keeping things low-key and doesn’t really want a lot of attention. That’s happened more than once since people might get tired of the business and just want to be left alone, and in some cases, it feels as though this might be preferable. Then of course there are those cases when the fame kind of wears off after a person doesn’t move upward with their career and finds other ways to support themselves.

The upside about Ted is that he has managed to stay in the business for a while now, but one has to wonder how long that would last since being in front of the camera does come with a shelf life for a lot of actors. Being behind the camera might have a slightly longer run if a person can make features that people want to watch. No matter how it’s described, show business is pretty cutthroat like a lot of other businesses, and it’s bound to wear people down eventually since the constant demands and deadlines that need to be met aren’t bound to go away anytime soon, even if a person finds it difficult to keep up with the new guys that come in so often and the new method and techniques that people want to try. Being a director could only keep someone busy for so long unless they’re ambitious enough to do something that will wow the people and get them to demand more, which is pretty common. But director’s have the safety net pulled out from under them too at times, and kind of like actors, people are bound and determined to direct their own movie and will appear in droves with their cameras and materials ready to go.

It feels fair to say that Ted is likely someone that has a good deal of experience in the business since he’s been around long enough and knows how to make it work, but if he hasn’t done anything for the past five years, or is waiting to unveil something, then that time might have passed. If he does come back it feels as though a good number of people would welcome him.show business

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