Whatever Happened to Sam Saletta?

Whatever Happened to Sam Saletta?

Whatever Happened to Sam Saletta?

Anyone born in the 80s and 90s grew up with some of the most fun television and the best movies. It almost seems as if Hollywood cannot get it together these days the way they once did, and that’s a tragedy. In fact, right now, Hollywood appears to have run out of ideas enough so that they are doing nothing but making reboots – never as good as the original – of everything that we all watched as kids. As a result, many television and movie fans wonder which of their favorite shows will be remade to a lesser degree next, and/or what happened to the people who played their favorite characters on some of the best shows of the 80s and 90s. Sam Saletta is one of those people we find ourselves wondering about. He’s famous for his time on “Rugrats,” and, “The Little Rascals,” and we don’t know where he’s been since.

Sam Saletta’s Life

He was born Samuel Paul Saletta, but he chose to go by his nickname in his acting career. Born on October 1, 1984, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, he did not know he’d spend the vast majority of his childhood acting and making history. However, that’s precisely what he did. He lived with his parents, Chuck and Caryn, and his sister Nicole, in Oklahoma. They also lived, at one point, in a little suburb of Chicago, but he’s spent the vast majority of his life in California. You know him from his role in “The Little Rascals,” as Butch. Fun fact: He had a dog who he named Butch at one point in his life to commemorate his character. He is well-known for his voice more than anything, however. He did have some in-person roles, but he was more well-known for his voice work. He’s voiced anime, Rugrats, and so much more. His entire childhood, essentially, was spent lending his voice to some of the characters on television shows that we still watch to this day. Following his childhood career in Hollywood, however, Saletta decided to pursue his biggest dream. Music. He’s always been a musician first and foremost, and he made sure he was able to do with that what he felt he should do. He was so good, in fact, that he earned a scholarship. Several scholarships, to be more accurate. He attended the University of Southern California to study music. In addition to his singing, he also writes music, plays instruments, and he arranges music. It is, by and large, his biggest love in life.

His Music

Since graduating college and going to work, he’s also become part of a band. He currently plays with his band, Jubala. They have released several albums, and they play gigs on a regular basis in southern California. He’s been living and working in California most of his life, and he even has an Instagram page dedicated to both. Sadly for his fans, his Instagram page is private. He doesn’t share his entire life or anything about himself online with anyone he does not approve to follow him, first. He has just under 3,000 followers, and his biography introduces him as a musician. His Instagram handle is “I Write OK Songs,” which is a fun way of being self-deprecating. At the end of the day, Sam Saletta doesn’t share much about his personal life with anyone. However, it’s true that he has not acted in well over a decade, and he appears to have moved on from that phase of his childhood life.

He is not the same mean kid he played in “The Little Rascals,” even if he did one day name his dog after Buch. In the almost 30 years since he played Butch, Saletta has made major changes to his life. After a long and successful career as an actor and voice actor during childhood, he’s made a seamless transition into music. He loves his music, and that’s where his passion lies. Even if he’s not the most famous singer or part of the most famous band in the world, nothing has deterred the former child star from working on his music over the years. For the fans who are curious about Saletta’s personal life, well, we don’t have much for you. He’s a private adult who doesn’t share much about it, but it does appear he is unmarried and does not have any children of his own. We could be so far off base with that one, but this is the vibe we’re getting from what we can learn about him online.making rebootsRugrats

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