Whatever Happened to Ronee Blakley?

The simple answer when stating what happened to Ronee Blakley is that like so many other celebrities, she got old eventually. The upside is that getting older didn’t necessarily mean that her celebrity status just went away, but it’s possible that a lot of people have overlooked her at this time since the way Hollywood tends to work is that even the most famous faces tend to fade into the background after a while if they’re not continually pushing the envelope and seeing fit to compete with the upcoming talent. In Ronee’s case though she did make her fame before starting to fade out, and there are a couple of things that she’s bound to be remembered for since her music career has kept her comfortable over the years, and her acting career, no matter that it didn’t last past the 90s, apart from a Martin Scorses documentary, will likely be remembered if only for one role in particular. As a lot of horror fans might be able to recall, Ronee played the role of Marge Thompson, the mother of Nancy Thompson, and one of the many victims that end up being killed by the end of the movie. Obviously, that wasn’t the extent of her time as an actress, but it’s definitely one of the roles that people are likely to remember her for since it was an iconic movie that kicked off a franchise.

But to be fair she has had an interesting career and it’s not hard to think that there are fans that recognize her and have been following her music and acting exploits for years simply because they became invested at one point. There are plenty of people out there that know the more obscure and hard to find performers since they see something in these individuals that they happen to like. Considering everything she’s done, Ronee isn’t exactly obscure, but it’s easy to think that if she were mentioned to a group of people that a couple of them might perk up if they heard something about her career, while the rest might shrug and admit to not recognizing her. Looking over her career though it’s very easy to notice that she’s been there and done that and does deserve the kind of respect given to someone that has accomplished something in her life, though it does feel as though after a while she might have simply wanted to take time with her family and step away from the spotlight. This is actually fairly common with a lot of performers that have been working for a while since the desire to slow down and get to know their family a little better is something that many of those in show business profess is a reason to stepping away from the life for a while. Some of them can juggle family and career while others might want to keep them separate, which is understandable, to say the least, since being in the public eye can be advantageous for one’s family, but it can also produce several negative results that many people aren’t prepared for.

She’s still been seen over the years as she hasn’t disappeared and it’s easy to think that staying in the loop is something she wants to do since a lifetime spent in the business might make it a little too hard to just step away. At this time she’s definitely old enough to have gained a bit of wisdom concerning the business and is able to mentor those that are willing to listen, but it’s also likely that she’s just doing her thing, whatever strikes her fancy at the moment, and enjoying life as she goes at this time. Trying to pin down what one celebrity is doing at this point becomes a little harder when they haven’t been doing much that makes the headlines, but it is safe to say that Ronee hasn’t been forgotten by everyone since she’s left her own mark when it came to being famous and there are plenty of people that are bound to remember her and the many contributions she’s made. Downplaying a celebrity simply because they’re not as well-known in the current era is fairly easy, but it’s not wise since many of those such as Ronee and others that came before continue to build up their respective industries and gave others something to aspire to and someone to be inspired by.

It is worth noting that she became a writer and a producer as well, so Ronee didn’t just slip away quietly to do nothing, as she managed to diversify a bit and bring forth another talent that people hadn’t seen yet. That’s one of the many things that a good actor will do, after all, they’ll learn to adapt and find some other way to entertain the masses.

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