10 Things You Didn’t Know about Andrea Boehlke

Andrea Boehlke has a face you know. She’s got a face you recognize because she’s been on television for years. She’s a host, she’s a reality star, and she’s someone who is around more often than not. She’s been on “Survivor,” she’s on PEOPLE.com’s PEOPLE Now series, and she’s also on the CBS local sports network. She’s everywhere, she does it all, and she’s pretty good at it. But, despite the fact that she is everywhere, she’s also someone who most of us know very little about. She’s not someone who is in the news often for her personal life, she keeps it private, and she’s doing a good job just doing a good job. We want to get to know more about her, too.

1. She’s Young

What we do know about this host is that she is young. She’s a late 80s baby, born in 1989. Her date of birth is actually May 10. She turned 30 last year, marking a big change in the age in her life as there is unofficial chatter that turning 30 in the entertainment industry is basically the end of the world. At 36 and getting better every year, I disagree.

2. She’s Born in Wisconsin

What a sweet state, too. She was born in a place called West Bend in Wisconsin. Her family didn’t live there her entire life, but she did grow up in Random Lake. That’s where her family had their home, and that is where they were happy. She was raised on a farm, which means she knows how to work hard, how to enjoy the simple things in life, and how to do things many people will never have the pleasure of learning to do.

3. She’s Got Three Sisters

She’s also the oldest. She has three younger sisters, though one of her sisters is deceased. We don’t know what happened to her youngest sister, but we imagine that it’s had a direct impact on her life, the lives of her sisters and her parents, and that it was nothing short of entirely traumatic in every manner of speaking.

4. She’s Smart

Not that we didn’t think she was, but it turns out that she’s pretty darn smart. She’s the kind of smart that allows you to graduate at the top of your class. While she wasn’t the number one graduate, she did graduate fourth in her entire high school graduating class. That’s nothing to laugh about, and we are down with that.

5. She’s Athletic

Boehlke is an athlete. She grew up playing sports, and she loved it. She’s good at things like basketball, volleyball, track, and cross country. Those were the sports she played and excelled at in high school. She’s someone who loved to be active, and we imagine that her ability to play sports and join so many teams meant she probably had friends everywhere she went. We think she’s very likable, and we can imagine her being that way as a young woman.

6. She Also Loved Clubs

She did not discriminate growing up. She wasn’t just an athlete in high school. Some kids are good at one or the other, but she was good at both. She liked to be part of activities and clubs, too. She was part of the 4H, the choir, and she was also involved in FFA and in the school musicals that they had going on when they were growing up. She was always involved, and it shows in her current lifestyle.

7. She Loves Her Survivor Family

She’s done this more than once, and she’s met a lot of people along the way. Her time on the show has allowed her to meet and make friends with many people, and her Instagram feed is filled with photos of her friends and those she’s met along the way. She is someone who is very proud of the time she’s spent on that show, the things that she accomplished, and the way she handled herself. She’s not someone who is afraid to look a challenge right in the face, and that shows in her work.

8. She’s Ambitious

If there is one thing that her entire life has taught us by looking into it, she’s ambitious. She seems to be the type who gives 100 percent every single time she’s going into something. Whether it’s her every single day job or the Survivor series or the things she’s doing in her free time, she’s got a lot going for her that she seems to understand. She knows she’s going all in and that she’s not going to stop halfway or quit or not give it her all.

9. She’s Mistaken for Someone All the Time

If you look at her closely, do you see the resemblance between herself and another reality star? We do. It’s Alabama Hannah of the Bachelorette. She says that people mistake them for sisters all the time, and that she is all right with that. We can see it, too, in a photo she posted of the two of them on her Instagram feed when the former Bachelorette stopped by to say hi and do a quick interview. She’s got a lot of the same features, and we can see why people think they are sisters are all the time.

10. She’s Brave

If her desire to go onto Survivor more than one time doesn’t tell you she is a brave soul, perhaps the fact that she regularly spends time on the show she works on doing thins like holding snakes and giant tarantulas as they climb up her arm and go aggressive on her and don’t want to leave her alone will tell you that she’s a brave soul. Most of us would not do that, and most of us would just ask that they use someone else to hold the creatures, but she stayed calm and she didn’t panic at all when they were crawling over her neck or up her arms.

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