Nathan Jones: From WWE Wrestler to Hollywood Villain

Nathan Jones: From WWE Wrestler to Hollywood Villain

Nathan Jones: From WWE Wrestler to Hollywood Villain

From WWE to Hollywood: Nathan Jones’ Journey

It’s no surprise that a man as colossal as Nathan Jones would be typecast due to his imposing stature. This mountain of muscle was once highly anticipated to become one of the next big monsters in WWE. However, his past caught up with him, and he only wrestled for a short time before retiring from the ring. Jones’ reputation as a former convict, having served time in Australia’s Boggo Road Gaol for armed robbery, only added to his monstrous and dangerous persona. At 52, he’s still a force to be reckoned with, but his life has taken a different path as he’s utilized his incredible physique for other purposes.

World’s Strongest Man and WWE Career

Jones has an impressive resume, including winning several World’s Strongest Man competitions and placing in others. These feats are no easy task, considering the incredible lifts and strength required. Although he’s no longer competing with younger men, his physical prowess remains awe-inspiring. In the WWE, he allied with the likes of The Undertaker, stood in the ring with the Big Show, and showcased his strength in competitions usually reserved for the movies. At one point, he was undoubtedly one of the most impressive men in the world.

Unfortunately, WWE wasn’t the right fit for Jones, despite his attempts and brief return. His career has spanned championship powerlifting, Strongman competitions, bodyguard work, pro wrestling, and acting.

Transition to Acting and Notable Roles

Jones’ acting career has been just as impressive, with roles alongside big names like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tony Jaa, and Jet Li. While his movie roles haven’t always been extensive, they’ve been enough to get him noticed and showcase his ability to take on the protagonist in an entertaining way. In The Protector, for example, he dominated Tony Jaa’s character in their first fight and continued to be a formidable opponent throughout the film.

In The Condemned, Jones shared the screen with Austin, playing condemned prisoners forced to participate in a deadly game orchestrated by a wealthy individual. Although his character didn’t last long in the movie, his scenes were captivating. In Mad Max: Fury Road, Jones had a more significant presence as one of Immortan Joe’s sons, with more lines and scenes to showcase his acting chops. However, as with his other roles, his character met his end by the film’s conclusion.

Embracing the Villainous Roles

Nathan Jones has a penchant for taking on villainous roles in movies, and his intimidating appearance certainly lends itself to these characters. It’s uncertain if we’ll ever see him in a different type of role, but it’s clear that he’s found his niche as the tough guy.

Life Beyond the Screen

As for his personal life, Jones is married to stuntwoman Fawn Tran, and they have a son together. It seems that he’s been doing quite well outside of the wrestling world, with numerous roles in notable movies, including the recent Mortal Kombat remake. Whatever the future holds for Nathan Jones, it’s evident that he’s been thriving in his post-wrestling career.

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