Whatever Happened to Moment Drink from Shark Tank?

During its time on the air, Shark Tank has introduced viewers to dozens of products and services. While some of them have been forgotten, others have gone on to become incredibly successful. Still, however, there are some that have wound up somewhere in the middle; Moment Drink is one of them. This product appeared on Shark Tank in 2020 and promised its customers a new way to experience meditation. Although the company’s founders were hoping to get $200,000 in exchange for 10% of their company, they ended up leaving the Tank without an offer. Now that a year has passed since the product’s time on the show, lots of viewers can’t help but wonder what became of the mindful beverage. Keep reading to find out what happened to Moment Drink after Shark Tank.

What Is Moment Drink?

Moment Drink was founded in  2020 by husband and wife duo, Faheem Kajee and Aisha Chottani. Both Faheem and Aisha had spent years working high-level jobs, and they knew all about the stress that came along with them. They decided that they wanted to find a way to help people manage that stress in a unique way. The idea they came up with was a natural and sugar-free beverage which they named Moment Drink. They described their product as a way to experience meditation ‘on the go’. According to an article from Forbes, “Through customer focus groups and rigorous testing, the company developed a formulation that is scientifically proven to promote the alpha brainwaves associated with deep thinking and creativity. ” Essentially, Moment Drink was meant to be a healthier replacement for coffee that was designed to help people improve their focus. Unfortunately for Faheem and Aisha, COVID-19 delayed some of the initial plans they had for their business. However, the added stress that many people felt during lockdown actually caused more people to develop an interest in Moment Drink. Needless to say, Faheem and Aisha felt confident that their product would wow the Sharks and earn them a deal.

Why Didn’t Moment Drink Get A Deal?

If you’re a Shark Tank fan, then you know that it’s notoriously hard to get deals for products in the food and beverage industry. For that reason alone, the odds were already stacked against Faheem and Aisha when they stepped into the Tank. On top of that, products that make ‘scientifically proven’ claims often get a side-eye from the Sharks. However, neither of those things weren’t ultimately what did it in for Moment Drink.  The thing that really turned the Sharks off was Faheem and Aisha’s idea to set up a subscription-based model for the beverage. The Sharks felt like this made no sense and they all decided to

How Has Moment Drink Been Doing Since Appearing on Shark Tank?

While it goes without saying that getting a deal is the ultimate goal for the businesses that appear on Shark Tank, just being on the show can provide a huge boost for business. The good news is that Moment Drink is still up and running and the product is available for sale on Amazon or directly through the Moment Drink website. That said, it’s unclear exactly how the business is doing. What we do know, is that Moment Drink has less than 10,000 followers on Instagram. All things considered, that isn’t a huge following for a business so it looks like Moment Drink is still working its way up. Something interesting about the business, however, is that Faheem Kajee isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website. When he and Aisha appeared in the Tank, it was clear that they had come up with the idea for the business together and had also joined forces to bring the product to launch. On the website, Aisha is now listed as the only founder but we weren’t able to find any information on Faheem leaving the company. Additionally, his LinkedIn profile still lists him as a co-founder of Moment Drink but he also started a new company in April of 2021 called X By.

The Subscription Model

Even though all of the Sharks suggested against it, it looks like Moment Drink did decide to move forward with a subscription-based model. However, customers can still purchase the drink on a one-time basis for a slightly higher price. It’s unclear how this model is working for the company, but the fact that they’re still in business is a great sign. At the same time, though, Moment Drink certainly isn’t as popular as other products that have appeared on Shark Tank.

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