Whatever Happened to Josie Bissett?

Whatever Happened to Josie Bissett?

Josie Bissett

In order to really know who Josie Bissett is, and admittedly to care about her career, one might want to check out the Hallmark channel and then follow her career from that point back to when she started out at the age of 12 as a model. That might give a person a better understanding of the path that her career has taken and why she was and still is a big deal to those that know who she is and have followed her. For anyone else, the realization that she’s famous in her own way should be enough since a lot of us tend to pick and choose what and who we want to follow when it comes to the movies, to TV, and to pretty much anything having to do with celebrities. Josie is famous and has been around for a while, long enough to have seen the business change around her and offer up opportunities but also close a few doors as she’s likely had to contend with moments that have been frustrating but also great chances that she’s been able to take in order to push her own level of fame and keep her career on a more or less forward trajectory. That’s one of the most fundamental goals of an actor, after all, to make certain that they can find one job after another or continue onward with the one that’s keeping them secure and keeps the bills paid.

Acting is a job after all, and while it’s one in which quite a few people get paid a little more than other people think they’re worth, it’s still a profession that does take a bit of work and at least some talent when it comes to being accepted by those that are willing to watch someone make their way across a screen in an attempt to create one character for their viewing pleasure. Thinking about what it takes to actually get up in front of other people is something that a lot of people can’t fathom, even if they do want attention. Those that get into acting are typically those that can summon up the nerve to stand in front of people and make up a character and/or a situation on the spot and don’t worry about anything such as embarrassment or the anxiety that a lot of folks feel when they’re in front of others. Amazingly enough, some actors do still get anxious when acting in front of others, but somehow they manage to find a way past these feelings in order to get the job done and earn their paycheck since otherwise, they tend to wash out very quickly considering that an actor with stage fright is an actor that won’t get paid.

If Josie has ever been anxious or been ready to panic she’s hidden it very well since she’s been quite skilled at what she’s done in her career and it’s fair to state that she has been worth the fans that she’s gained in her time and has done well to make those fans happy over the years. Many actors actively thank their fans in one way or another, as some will credit the fans with at least a portion of their success, which is wise since without the fans most actors have no real purpose in whatever they do. Fans are, more or less, the reason that Hollywood is still important since fans are the reason why the cash flow is still steady and the actors can be paid the large sums they are when they become known. Without the fans, the money tends to dry up and the actors have to go on their way in order to find some other way to support their lifestyles, as it’s been seen with some former stars whose importance has dimmed over the years and has fallen to the point where their fame is a thing of the past and their name and appearance aren’t even close to being enough to keep them afloat. As far as Josie’s career goes it would appear that she’s still acting and has remained active in the recent past, though it’s easy to say that apart from the Hallmark channel it might be hard to find anything else she’s done recently unless one knows where to look.

Her career is still moving forward, but one has to think that with Hallmark this is kind of a gimme since the channel doesn’t tend to lose anyone unless there’s a good enough reason, and if Lori Loughlin is allowed back after her recent scandal and prison time it’s going to be evident that the Hallmark channel will take on anyone no matter what they’ve done. Hopefully, Josie can continue forward without becoming embroiled in anything as serious as a scandal, but so far it would appear that she’s done just fine and will do so in the days to come.

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