There is a Masters of the Universe Board Game Coming


This feels almost like coincidence since just today I happened to notice a Death Battle featuring She-Ra and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman took the bout after a hard fight, but the simple emergence of He-Man’s twin sister is enough to make one think that Masters of the Universe is making a big comeback, or trying to. Now, with a board game being announced by Joey Paur of GeekTyrant and many others it would appear that such a rumor could be true, but it could also be that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe never really fell off the map when it came to pop culture. It could be that they’ve just been tucked up for a while, waiting for a good time to make a return and thus remind people why the cartoon and the story were so great in the first place. After all, this isn’t the first time that they’ve made an attempt at a comeback, though each time they’ve done so has been met with a bit of nostalgic fanfare followed by a lack of interest after a while. The argument that they’re not as popular as other shows is kind of a weak one, but stating that they haven’t changed quite enough could be closer to the truth of why the show isn’t really firing on all cylinders with the fans. After all it does help to cater to the people that you’re attempting to win over, just enough to make it clear that their opinions do matter now and again and that the show can be versatile enough to change every so often. But a board game is a good start towards coming back.

While we don’t know the format of the game just yet, whether it will be like Risk or something similar, or perhaps just a fun and engaging game for kids kind of like a roleplaying game, it’s still fun to think that this bit of pop culture might be coming back soon. She-Ra has been given a chance once again after all and there have been talks about making another He-Man movie for a while now, so hopefully we’ll see a bit of action on the horizon once things calm down with the coronavirus and people can get back to work. A lot of us that grew up in the time of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe don’t need a lot of prompting when it comes to remembering a great deal of the story and why it was such a big part of our childhood. Plenty of people can likely still remember holding whatever they were using as a sword and yelling “I have the power!”. Looking back at the show now and seeing through adult eyes the animation that was available at that time makes the show dim just a bit in our estimation probably since as kids we didn’t realize how choppy it really was. Thankfully though a lot of fans are bound to forgive the lack since as part of our younger years He-Man is still a fun and engaging story that at this point could still use an update in one form or another that would keep us interested and entertained.

A board game is kind of an odd thing to think of when it comes to bringing back and idea and a story, especially since it can, in a way, help people to relive the whole tale between He-Man and his many enemies. Back in the day it almost felt as though a new enemy rolled out every week or so in order to bolster the ranks since Skeletor really didn’t appear to have that many troops that could do much of anything to He-Man. He had plenty of subordinates, but they were about as dangerous as storm troopers being asked to hit the broad side of a mountain, especially when it came to doing any damage to He-Man and his companions. The idea of the main character and those closest to them being the toughest and the most well-trained isn’t a hard concept to buy, but when a legion of troops is thrown at anyone the legion usually wins, even if the hero is a super-powered, heavily-muscled individual that can shatter mountains on his own. It’s going to be interesting to see just how the board game sets things up and how many challenges there will be for players. It will also be intriguing to see just how much of the story is included in the board game since there was a lot left to discover when it came to He-Man’s tale and thinking that one game could encompass it all isn’t impossible, but it’s a daunting task all the same. Likely it won’t cover the entire story, but a decent chunk of it at least. The game is set to come out in 2021, so we’ve got a little while to wait yet.

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