One Reason to Avoid Coachella Next Year? Herpes

It’s not exactly a sexual revolution but it sounds like plenty of people were getting down and getting it on during Coachella since a huge spike in herpes was discovered during and following the monumental event. One might think that this would be a good reason to just say ‘no’ to the next event but they might also be called a prude for doing such a thing. Thankfully herpes isn’t as severe as other outbreaks but it can still be painful and embarrassing depending on the situation. What happened at Coachella almost makes the event sound like it was one big orgy, but the occurrence does in fact seem to indicate that people were having a good time and simply forgot that what goes around comes around, literally in some cases. As Jessica Lindsay from Metro would say some folks came back from Coachella with more than just good memories.

To be fair it seems that despite a few gaffs here and there and some technical mishaps Coachella did go pretty well according to Patrice Peck from Buzzfeed. But when anything that speaks of a biological issue breaking out in a massive crowd this size it tends to worry a lot of folks and even keep some at a distance. With the popularity of Coachella and the lineup it boasts however it doesn’t seem that herpes would be enough to keep it from dwindling when it comes to fans. If anything it’s a testament to the lack of intelligence or care that’s being taken among those that engage in sexual acts these days and the idea that anything goes when it comes to various festivals where people are having a good time and not generally caring who they sleep with or fool around with so long as they get to have fun. Yeah, those days have come before, they were called the 60s, they were called Woodstock, and some people are still paying the price for them. Herpes isn’t the worst thing that can come out of this, but on a scale as was seen during this recent festival it seems kind of troubling that so many people would disregard their health in such a manner.

On the upside most if not all of the individuals that were affected did seek treatment and were able to receive it within a decent amount of time. Despite the blundering and questionable acts that led to this social gaffe it’s still nice to see that some folks don’t just take the itching and burning and try to see if it will go away. This does tend to mean that people are taking their sexual health at least a little more seriously these days and are willing to finally admit that they did something rather foolish even if it didn’t seem so at the time. In truth you can’t really fault Coachella or anyone that had anything to do with it, as just being at festival doesn’t mean it’s the festival’s fault or those that are running it. A lot of people become absolutely unhinged and uninhibited when they attend an event such as this, some folks are this way when they attend a concert within their hometown as it’s been seen.

Suzannah Weiss from Glamour talks about how rape and sexual assault have become, unfortunately, a part of the whole festival and concert scene since people tend to think that gatherings of this size are perfect arenas in which to do as they want. That’s not what Coachella is known for to be honest, nor is it the goal of any festival or concert, but it is a danger and a concern. While it wouldn’t appear that any rapes or assaults were reported, though sexual harassment seems to be a big problem that some discuss and some simply let pass. While a lot of people state that BeyChella was life-changing, perhaps if you enjoy Beyonce, the issue of men touching women inappropriately is another reason why Coachella has been cracking down on people when it comes to various actions and has counselors on hand to deal with the issue should people need this.

It does seem a bit depressing to think that a festival such as Coachella might be, or rather is, mired in the same feelings of resentment that come from sexual harassment, especially considering that it’s meant, like all festivals, to be a good time for people to come, dance, be a part of something great, and just enjoy themselves. But despite the fact that Coachella’s numbers might not dwindle as a result, it’s reputation could take a hit eventually if this is the kind of thing that continues to happen year after year. Live concerts and festivals are a lot of fun, but technically the only thing you really want to leave with are memories and souvenirs, the type that don’t require medication.

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