Should Tom Hardy Be the Next James Bond?

Despite the rumors of Tom Hardy being looked at as the next James Bond, it’s not true as many would tell you. It’s sad to think as much since it would be great to see him take on another great role that would continue to expand his widening abilities. We’ve already seen him take on a number of different roles, from the notorious English inmate Charlie Bronson to Mad Max to the hard-hitting Tommy Conlon in Warrior. It’s fair to say that Hardy has quite the rang when it comes to acting and that he’s easy to believe in any role. But the role of James Bond is one that many have coveted for a while and as Daniel Craig is stepping down, a lot of people can’t help but ask just who is going to take his spot and keep the legend alive. Sadly, one thing working against Hardy is his age since he is in his 40s at this point and it could be that those looking to keep Bond alive are thinking that they might want someone younger, who can stick around for more than a couple of movies and can possibly be just as impressive. Whoever finally gets picked though would have to be extremely impressive since Hardy has proven more than once that he’s the kind of guy that can take on multiple roles and make the movie better in some way.

It’d be great to see at least a couple of movies with Hardy as the famed super-spy since the guy is uniquely talented when it comes to taking on just about any role since he’s played so many different characters that he’s entered a class that has included only a few other great actors that are able to morph into one character after another in order to complement the story they’ve been cast in. Even if his time as Bond wasn’t bound to be that long it still feels accurate to state that he’s the kind of actor that could make this role stand out in a very big way since his level of cool and his ability to become any character he’s playing is hard to match. It’s fair to say, and some might want to argue with this, that he might even rival Idris Elba, who is a favored pick for the role 007 by many folks. That’s a bold statement obviously since Elba is the kind of actor that many people will stick up for and will claim is among the best of the best and can’t possibly have anyone top him that easily. People might need to watch a few of Hardy’s movies to realize that like it or not, he has a little more range than Elba and can really turn in a role that makes people believe that he belongs in that movie, terrible dialogue or no. The same can’t be said of Elba, who is a great actor but couldn’t save a couple of movies he was in, The Losers or The Dark Tower, with his delivery and acting since both movies were beyond his ability to save. Hardy is the kind of guy you’ll remember when the final credits roll, and because of this he would likely be who people were talking about at the end of the movie were he placed in a Bond movie.

Quite often when it’s stated that someone absolutely won’t be selected for a role it could mean that Hollywood is throwing up a smokescreen that will only be lowered once the truth comes out that the actor in question was auditioning for the part all along and those in the business didn’t want anyone to know about it. While this has happened in the past it’s still pretty rare, so when it’s said that Hardy won’t become the next 007 there’s a lot of veracity to that claim. The fact is that no one can really come to an agreement as to what needs to happen when it comes to James Bond. The idea of course is to keep the movies coming without pause, but picking out the next Bond from a fan’s standpoint is fairly difficult since everyone wants their own candidate to be used and many aren’t willing to compromise in order to get the best person for the job. Hardy is definitely a popular choice with some since he’s a great actor and his track record in the movies has proven this over the years when looking at how many different roles he’s taken on. Casting him as the next James Bond would make sense, even if the overall idea should be that James Bond should finally be retired to allow another agent to rise. Of course, if the plan were to detail Bond’s life after MI6, Hardy might work out just fine.

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