Whatever Happened to JoAnna Garcia Swisher?

Whatever Happened to JoAnna Garcia Swisher?

Every now and then when a person asks ‘where is this actor/actress now?’ it turns out that they’re retired, left the business to do something else, or took on a new job title, but a lot of the time it’s that they haven’t been getting the same type of notice that they used to get, like JoAnna Garcia Swisher. Looking over her credits it’s easy to think that she should have been able to rise a little further with her career thanks to the shows and movies she had a part in and the people she’s known throughout the years. But perhaps once a person gets deep enough into the Hollywood pool it takes a little or a lot more to keep things going the way they want, since just knowing people isn’t always the best way to maintain a steady career. JoAnna’s career has been ongoing since she was a kid, starting at the age of 10 in theater productions.

Her parents did put school first though so JoAnna didn’t get whisked away to Hollywood right off the bat and had to keep going with the stage acting for a while until Disney managed to get hold of her and start her off on the road that would lead her to where she is now. The thing about being famous is that a lot of people in Hollywood or that have aspirations of reaching Hollywood do try as hard as they can, and they might even burn out before they get there or luck out and get there and have plenty of time to establish themselves as a star. But there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to get there, and then even more that needs to be done to maintain one’s career. This is a lesson that appears to go over the heads of many people on a continual basis since some folks don’t tend to realize that acting, like many things in life, is a constant learning process that doesn’t end as one grows older and wiser. The wisest students of any discipline are those that realize that there’s always something to be learned.

It would appear that JoAnna has followed this lesson along with many others, but while she’s been a popular character and guest star on many shows, it’s easy to see that she’s not as big of a name as others since it’s likely that mentioning her name to people on the street might yield recognition in a percentage of people, but not everyone. The thing about this however is that there are many people that enjoy TV and movies alike but don’t always take the time to learn the names of characters or the actors that play them. Even movie buffs can forget those that don’t show up that often, as the repetition of names and roles is also important in trying to remember various faces in Hollywood, and like it or not, no one is perfect at this. JoAnna has had a pretty successful career at this point though if one simply looks at her IMDb page, since she’s been around for a while and obviously knows how to handle herself when it comes to getting an audition or taking on a role that might have been made specifically for her. After so long in the business, it’s likely that she still worries over auditions now and then, but perhaps not nearly as much since to be fair after so long it feels like it might become second nature.

So to answer the question of what happened to her, well, nothing really happened to JoAnne saved that she grew up. Apart from that she’s kept acting and appears to enjoy what she does, which is obviously inspiring in its own way since like many actors she’s been in the business long enough to know how it works and how to navigate it well enough for her purposes. Unlike other actors, it would appear that she hasn’t had any other serious ambitions since being listed as an actress, and nothing else kind of indicates that she’s pretty content to be content with what she is and what she does. A lot of actors eventually start down the writing or directing or producing paths and end up stepping aside from acting bit by bit, while some stick in and eventually end up doing quite a bit more than just acting. But to each their own, since everyone has their own path and if they can stick to it and enjoy themselves then so much the better. With so many actors in Hollywood, it’s easy to wonder where a lot of them are at some point since losing track of them is a little too simple. But as we learn constantly, a lot of them are still there.

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