Whatever Happened to Jacqueline Bisset?

Jacqueline Bisset was one of those actors that you might know or recognize if you were born in the 50s or 60s since at one time she was quite popular and was very well-known throughout Hollywood. In fact she’s still fairly well-known but the younger generation might not recognize her as much since she’s no longer in her prime and older movies and shows are the province of those that happen to have lived during those time and those that enjoy the nostalgic part of television’s past. Back in the day though Jacqueline was someone that a lot of people paid attention to and was a certified star that drew the attention of many a person.

Her acting career has been pretty solid throughout the years.

Back in 1967 was when she really gained the type of attention she wanted when she starred in Two for the Road. In that same year she was seen for a brief moment in Bond spoof Casino Royale, as Miss Goodthighs. She got another boost in 1968 when Mia Farrow dropped out of The Detective. For several years she became the go-to actress that was highly popular and was desired by the fans and was seen as someone that was rising quickly and didn’t seem to have any limit to where she she could go. But her fame in the US wouldn’t come until several years later as she was one of Europe’s premiere actresses and had no trouble flaunting what she had upon the screen for everyone to enjoy. She was good at what she did and had the kind of career that many people were envious of back in those days.

There were a few issues along the way however.

Her stunning looks and desirable figure made a big splash in the movie The Deep, and her underwater swimming scenes inspired what is now known as the worldwide wet t-shirt craze. She was even dubbed as the most beautiful actress of all time by Newsweek magazine. However she felt incredibly exploited by this and had no idea that the filmmakers would be shooting the scene in such a way as to make her into a sex symbol. Jacqueline felt tricked and in some way cheapened, though the movie did make her and those involved very rich and her success continued to climb. It would seem that fame and fortune did away with at least part of the hurt and betrayal she’d felt, though it’s likely that she still finds that memory a bit irritating at the very least. The downside is that such things are still going on today and don’t seem likely to stop so long as the audience is willing to pay to see it.

Her career has been impressive though there have been a few dips here and there.

In the early 1980s Bisset did undergo a box office disasters, but she recovered nicely throughout the decade and into the 90s as she starred with some of the biggest up and coming actors and managed to salvage her career and make it great once again. Some of her movies didn’t do all that well from a box office standpoint but her acting has never been in question as she’s been consistent and on point with her own roles and has yet to really be counted out when it comes to the kind of characters she produces. Her track record kind of speaks for itself and has seen her through several decades that have allowed her to shine and to age gracefully as she’s continued to stand in front of the audience and deliver the best performance she can give.

Throughout her career Bisset has never been married but she’s had several romantic relationships with many influential men, no doubt providing tabloids and gossip mills with enough to keep churning away despite never becoming so heavily involved that marriage was part of the equation. For the most part it seems as though she’s had fun with her life while continuing to make movies and participate in film festivals and awards ceremonies all around the world. A few interesting facts about her include the fact that she is godmother to Angelina Jolie, and that she had a very humble beginning as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant. She’s led a rather interesting life and continues to do so as she finds herself in the latter part of her life still fit to enjoy and fully experience the spoils that she’s worked so hard to achieve.

Actresses such as Jacqueline Bisset are becoming rare these days as the times change and the trends change with them. Among them all she is one of the few old-timers left that can tell her younger peers just what it was like back in the day when things were much, much different.

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