10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laci Mosley

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laci Mosley

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laci Mosley

The last few years of Laci Mosely’s career have been extremely exciting. She’s gotten lots of cool opportunities, including a major role in the upcoming iCarly reboot. However, despite all of the good things that have been happening to her, Laci has also had to deal with some negativity. Recently, she found herself on the receiving end of some racially charged remarks. Apparently, some iCarly fans aren’t feeling the fact that Laci’s character, Harper, will be Carly’s new best friend. Despite the ugliness of the situation, Laci has handled it with professionalism while also letting the world know that she isn’t to be played with. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Laci Mosely.

1. She’s A Dallas Native

Laci is originally from the Dallas, Texas area. She was born into a close family and grew up spending a lot of time around her loved ones. While she loves Texas and will always have a special place in her heart for her home state, she eventually realized that she had to move in order to really allow her career to blossom. She initially moved to New York City before deciding to settle in Los Angeles.

2. She Started A Podcast

Most people may see Laci as an actress, but in reality, she is a content creator. She is the creator and host of a podcast called Scam Goddess in which she discusses various scams and the people who were able to pull them off. The show is currently available on all major streaming platforms.

3. She Was Born On The Fourth Of July

Typically, having a birthday that falls on the same day as a holiday can be a little annoying, but in Laci’s case it worked out just fine. Her birthday is July 4th and she’s never minded sharing her special day with the United States. During an interview with Texas Monthly, she said, “My birthday is July Fourth, and we’d always have a family reunion with this huge party. My cousins and I would throw firecrackers at each other, which was so country. It was just a really good time.”

4. She Loves Improv Comedy

On top of being a talented actress, Laci also has a great sense of humor. She performs sketch comedy at the well-known Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles where she is also a member of Project Rethink. She also appeared on season two of A Black Lady Sketch Comedy Show.

5. She Likes To Travel

Not only has Laci gotten the chance to live in different parts of the country, but she has also gotten the chance to visit different parts of the world. She loves to travel and has been fortunate to do a lot of it. Some of the places she’s been to include France and Mexico.

6. She Was In An Episode Of Insecure

Laci is still in the relatively early stages of her career, but she’s already gotten the chance to experience some very cool opportunities. In 2018, she appeared in an episode of the popular HBO series Insecure. Although her role was uncredited, it was still an awesome experience.

7. She’s A Very Active Person

Laci has never been the kind of person who likes to sit around and doing nothing. Instead, she prefers to make the most of every minute by getting out and doing things. She loves doing a wide variety of activities including swimming, boating, yoga, and paddleboarding.

8. She’s Bisexual

Laci hasn’t opened too much about her love life, but one thing that she did share is that she is bisexual. According to Distractify, Laci said, “I don’t have a type. It ranges from a Tessa Thompson to like a Michael B. Jordan, but not really. He’s a little too fine for me… I like a fine man who doesn’t know he’s fine.”

9. She Isn’t Shy About Politics

Politics is one of those things that a lot of people don’t like to talk about. In recent years, however, it has gotten harder and harder to shy away from the subject. Laci is one of the many people who has no problem making her political stance known. She has openly supported the election of president Joe Biden.

10. She Loves Fashion

Laci may not have any experience working in the fashion industry, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to put together a look. She has a great sense of style and enjoys getting the chance to share her personality through her clothing. She loves bright colors and bold patterns and she has exactly what it takes to pull them off.

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