Whatever Happened to Erik von Detten?

Whatever Happened to Erik von Detten?

It’s kind of understood that when anyone asks ‘what is this actor doing now?’ there’s bound to be a range of explanations that can occur, with everything from the most negative and heart-breaking news to the uplifting and positive moments that make a person smile when thinking that the actor managed to hold onto what they have. Erik von Detten, a Disney kid and someone that’s been around long enough to have learned what the business is all about, is one of the latter since he became a teen heartthrob a few years after he started working in the business, and never really lost his status no matter which role he took on in the course of his career. Even his role in The Princess Diaries, which eventually saw him as less of a catch and more of a cautionary tale, didn’t deter people from seeing him as a big star and someone that was worth paying attention to. As he grew up in the business though one has to admit that things did begin to change, but thankfully they kept changing in a positive manner since his career didn’t exactly lift him into the stratosphere where he might be considered as one of those actors that would be Oscar-bound one day, but it did move forward and was successful enough that he became known and valued by a lot of fans.

We don’t always get to hear about success stories unless they come from tragic beginnings or shortcomings that had to be dealt with before true success could be experienced, but Erik’s life is, for the most part, pretty positive since there’s not much, if anything, that’s been revealed when it comes to his past. In fact, looking at what’s out there to find on this guy he’s one of those lucky individuals that has had a decent life and was able to find success for a while until he stepped away for a time. According to his bio he’s not completely done with acting, but the last time he was really heard was in 2010 when he took on the voice of Sid in Toy Story 3, which a lot of people might have to try to remember since it’s been a while. As of now though Erik is a family man with one child and another on the way. Whether he’ll ever make a return to the small screen is hard to say since it would appear that he’s pretty happy where he’s at as of now. As an actor, he was one of the many that people came to love in a very positive way, but as a father and commodity broker, it would appear that he’s doing just fine and might not be thinking about a serious return, at least not at the moment.

Trying to keep track of the many actors that come and go in the business just isn’t possible at all times no matter that there are physical records and that everyone has been documented once or twice during their time. There are still plenty of people that might only have a small blurb about them somewhere but did in fact take part in a movie or a TV show without really being noticed. Those such as Erik don’t need to worry too much about this since by cementing their reputations in the business there’s bound to be someone that will remember them given that the accumulation of fans is one of the sure ways that someone can and will become a fond memory. Even when an actor steps away from the business a good number of people will remember them thanks to the emotional investment that was placed in that person for one particular reason. It’s been seen to happen with a lot of people over the years, even those that many folks don’t recall in any significant way. As fans, we tend to choose who we remember the most since our emotional investment isn’t something that’s given lightly, and it will remain firmly embedded no matter how far back in our memory it’s bound to be pushed.

Erik is likely to be remembered more by those that were growing up in the 90s and 2000s given that this is when his career was at its peak, while those growing up in the 80s might not have made as much of a connection with him. Those that did were obviously those that were still into watching the Disney Channel, among other stations, and found him to be a worthwhile actor that could keep their attention for more than a few minutes. As of now, he appears to be pretty happy with what he’s doing, as being a father and a guy that people remember looks good on him. If he does come back there will likely be many people ready to welcome him.

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