What We Learned from The Trailer for “Sing 2”

It’s fair to say that a lot of people might not have expected a Sing 2, but once it was announced quite a few people still might have had any idea just what it was going to be about. After all, the first movie ended on a pretty high note and made it appear that the group would be performing in the same theater for a while to come. But as with all acts, the need to grow and expand into other venues is still going to be there since if this doesn’t happen then the talent that was presented in the first movie would likely go to waste. It would appear that every original actor is coming back, and there will be plenty of talent joining them for the second movie since it would also appear that the group is going to need a bit of help when it comes to impressing the bigwigs that are in charge of hiring new talent. The trailer does give an idea of how hard it is to break into the music industry, from a comical standpoint of course. But it also shows the value of reaching outside of one’s comfort zone to seek help.

Another thing that is evident is that with bigger crowds comes a bigger possibility of stage fright, as Rosita is seen actually freezing before executing a trick for a performance. Gunter doesn’t appear to have any issues with stage fright, but when being paired with another partner it does feel that he’s going to have to adjust. In the meantime, Johnny apparently has to learn to be more graceful and possibly learn to dance as it shows him in a dance school doing, well, pretty horrible in a very funny way. Another addition to the roster will be the artist known as Calloway, who apparently hasn’t been seen for years at that point, and is still a big name in the business. It would appear that it’s up to Ash to get him to play at one point, though his self-doubt and something else is likely keeping him back.

So far Sing 2 looks like something that will be every bit as enlightening as the first movie, with some added voices and characters in the mix to help it along and make certain that story flows in a way that will feel natural and kind of wacky all at once, which is the spirit of the movie in the first place. The fact that most everyone is coming back is great since it doesn’t leave a lot of questions as to where one person or the other went. If Mike the mouse, who was played by Seth MacFarlane, was seen in the trailer then it was a small role, but it does look as though he’s coming back as well, which completes the crew, even if it’s fair to say that the character doesn’t exactly play well with others. This would appear to be a trend though since there are a couple of newcomers to the movie that don’t appear to be team players, or at the very least don’t mind stepping on a few toes along the way. Given the competitive nature of show business, it’s easy to think that this movie is going to feature a bit more of the overall ups and downs the business has to offer.

It does feel that the first movie will be hard to top, but this trailer makes it possible to think that it won’t necessarily top the first movie, but serve as a worthwhile continuation of a story that was able to touch a lot of people in a special way since it does represent what many folks go through in order to achieve their dreams. Thinking of it as a sequel, which it is, still kind of cheapens the idea that it can’t represent one long story that people will find inspiring. But thinking of it as a tale that doesn’t really have an end, just a stopping point before the next act, makes it easier to think that this movie will definitely be worth watching since it continues the idea of reaching as far as one can in order to achieve a worthy goal.

The music industry is pretty cutthroat, there’s no doubt of that, but this type of movie softens the edges just enough without sacrificing the overall message that yes, following your dreams is incredibly difficult sometimes. It might require more than a person has to give now and then, but it’s usually worth it to see just how far a person can go when they really apply everything they have, and more, to their desired goal. This could be a fun movie just like the first one, especially since the gang is all back. So far this looks like a movie that will be worth the ticket price.

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