It Seems Inevitable Adventures in Babysitting Will Get a Reboot

It Seems Inevitable Adventures in Babysitting Will Get a Reboot

It Seems Inevitable Adventures in Babysitting Will Get a Reboot

Some things are inevitable, that much has been proven true over the course of time more than once. In the realm of entertainment it’s happened again, and again, and again, as inevitably one idea will spawn another similar idea and then spawn another and, well, you get it. This time it’s not so grandiose since Adventures in Babysitting wasn’t exactly the biggest deal of the century, but it was still a fun movie since a lot of us can probably remember singing those babysittin’ blues and wondering how in the world Elisabeth Shue and the kids she was supposed to be watching were going to get out of one mess or another. Somehow they made it through and made due, but as a kid, this movie was something else considering that it had plenty of adult elements that parents might have thought was a little risque. But those of us that managed to watch it on our own did get a bit of an education, kind of, when it came to the criminal element.

Of course, if anyone’s expecting real life to emulate this then they’re still waiting on that reality check to show up in the mail, because as many adult elements as were seen in the movie, the tone was still pretty light and made for a fun time. It wasn’t exactly a simple story, but if a person was watching closely they came to understand it pretty easily. Chris, played by Shue, was supposed to go with her boyfriend to their anniversary dinner but was stood up, and in the process, she was convinced to babysit for the Anderson’s, which was awkward in a way since one of the kids was young enough for a sitter, but the other as a 15-year old with a major crush on her. On their way to pick up Chris’s friend Brenda from the bus station, they’re thrust into an adventure when they catch a flat tire, are picked up by a tow truck driver that takes a detour when it’s discovered his wife is cheating on him, and then hide in a Cadillac that’s in the process of being boosted.

If that wasn’t enough they end up being detained by criminals, though they escape, and are then chased around the city before happening upon a blues club where they have to sing the blues to leave. It is pretty cool when the owners of the club stall the criminals that enter the building not long after the song is over, but from that point on the group is still on the run. After one of them is injured in a gang fight they meet up with the insane tow truck driver again as he tells them that their car is fixed and ready but the mechanic needs to be paid before he’ll let the car go. As they make their way to the shop eventually, after meeting up with a guy that Chris falls for, and who donates most of the money to fix the car, they finally get to the shop and find out that the mechanic won’t let the car go since they’re short on cash.

This is where it gets fun though, especially since the movie is owned by Disney and the young girl, Sarah, is completely enamored of Marvel’s Thor. Since the mechanic happens to look like her hero she offers up her plastic helmet as a sign of respect, and in a very touching moment, he lets them have the car, and lets Sarah keep her toy. One would think the adventure would be over and done with at that point, but not quite. After a little more running around and a good amount of danger later, they finally make their way back to the house and Chris has moments to straighten everything up before the kids’ parents walk in and ask how their evening was. The movie was a lot of fun, and the hope is that if it is rebooted that the connection to Disney would offer up a few interesting quirks, like maybe a cameo from Chris Hemsworth during the Thor scene.

It would even be interesting to see if any of the original cast would be interested in showing up, those that are still around and interested at least. As one of the more amusing movies of its time, Adventures in Babysitting is a movie that could possibly use a respectful reboot to remind people how much fun it was, but of course, nothing’s going to take the place of the original movie. That wouldn’t be the point anyway since a reboot does feel like it would be possible and could be filmed in a manner that would pay a lot of respect to the original. Now all that needs to be done is to interest people in the idea.

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