What We Learned From The Trailer for Netflix’s “Nightbooks”

What We Learned From The Trailer for Netflix’s “Nightbooks”

What We Learned From The Trailer for Netflix’s “Nightbooks”

It’s easy to tell when Halloween is coming close since the scarier movies start making their way to the streaming sites. To be truthful there are plenty of scary movies throughout the year, but Nightbooks is definitely one that will bring an early feeling of All Hallows Eve as it centers around a kid that writes horror stories and is abducted by a witch that keeps him alive for that simple fact. Forced to write a new scary story every night, the kid is joined by another captive of the witch that shows him around and tells him that keeping the witch happy is the only way to stay alive. So far it looks like a decent movie as the effects and the story might be worth the effort considering that the magic within the tale is bound to be kind of interesting, not to mention that the effects look pretty cool. Stories about witches tend to swing in one of many different ways, but one of the most popular happens to be when the witch is just downright nasty, so far as the audience thinks.

That would appear to be the case in this upcoming movie since keeping kids against their will is something that could be construed as troubling by a great many people given that from the oldest legends and myths to the newest and most up to date stories, bad witches tend to be pretty aggressive. There’s no shortage of aggression in the trailer as the act of writing a different story every night would be taxing for an adult writer with plenty of experience, which means for a kid that it’s bound to be just as tough if not worse. There is something to be said for the imagination of kids though, especially since a lot of us can probably remember a day when our stories felt as though they would never end since there was always some other angle that could be worked, some corner that hadn’t been searched yet for an idea.

Netflix has been chugging right along lately and has plenty of content to come, though there have been a few misses among the hits that have come out, as is normal. But this one does look like it might have at least a bit of promise to it and might really be able to get peoples’ attention. What remains to be seen is if the entire movie is going to have a kind of dark yet whimsical feel that the trailer appears to be pushing since if that’s the case then it’s entirely possible that this could be one of the better movies that have come out this year. It might not be a blockbuster, to be honest, but it does feel as though it could be something that people will enjoy thoroughly. It will be intriguing to find out more about this witch since she appears rather menacing, but at the same time appears to need something from the children that has only been explained in a very vague sense. If it’s the stories she’s needing then it would be nice to know why, and if there’s something else then hopefully it will be just as entertaining.

So far it would appear as though the cast members are fully capable of working well together since the trailer does look pretty good, but that’s one more thing that will be revealed when all is said and done since a trailer can make something look better than it actually is. In some cases, the best parts of the movie are given in the trailer, which is uniquely frustrating since it means that there’s not much of a reason to watch the rest of the movie. But the whole idea behind this is interesting since after learning that the witch wants the lead character to write her a story every night it’s enough to wonder why, and what purpose the stories could have for the witch. There have been a couple of movies featuring writing as a big part of the plot that has come to light recently, and to be honest, it’s kind of nice to see one’s profession being given the spotlight even if for just a moment here and there.

Stories are, after all, how most things begin in this world. If one could write a story every night of how things go during their day, what motivations they had for one action or another, many people would no doubt fill a library worth of journals in short order. But being forced to write is something that is also intriguing since the idea of how to keep the tap flowing in order to come up with one story after another would be kind of difficult, to say the least, but also very challenging. One can’t help wonder how many would be up to such a challenge, especially if their life happened to be on the line.

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